Monday, December 5, 2011

Race Recap- Reindeer Run 5k

So as I said last week, we signed up for the 5k on a whim. Even so, I really felt we were ready for it.
Honestly, I think I would have been pretty disappointed if this race didn't go well, because I really thought we were ready. I have wanted to finish a 5k without walking breaks, something I hadn't yet done.  We had it in us before the Sand Crab 5k. We had even practiced on the beach (which required a special trip down to Galveston- 45 minutes away) to get a feel for the sand. But we didn't fuel right (rule number 1 for running a race- don't try a local, authentic Mexican place hours before race time) and on the night of the race things were awful. I didn't want a repeat of that, so I put alot of thought into our food strategy.

Friday night we had a simple homemade stir fry- brown rice, chicken, lots of veggies. No alcohol, no dessert.
Saturday morning we had our usual breakfast- Whole grain Eggo waffles, almond butter, with sliced banana on mine (boyfriend hates bananas because he is weird). 

When we got to the race location, we steered clear of the doughnuts (the high school aged volunteers were all over it though, so there weren't any left when we finished the race) and the coffee. We got our packets and found these beauties:

So, naturally, I decided we should wear them! Here we are all suited up:

Awesomely, the starting line was in the parking lot of the hospital that it was a benefit for, and we had access to the bathrooms. I really hate port-o-potties, so a flushing toilet just about made my day! The race was preceded by some goofiness with a guy in a reindeer suit and the kids 1K. I was starting to get really cold and was wishing I hadn't left my long sleeve pullover in the car. It was about 64 degrees, which is cold for this Florida girl! Finally we lined up and away we went.

We started out at a pretty fast pace (for us) of around 11:30. I was worried that we were going too fast too soon, but my boyfriend and I were able to keep up a conversation and enjoy the scenery (we ran by a lake and some of the old houses built when Johnson Space Center opened in the early 1960s) and the first mile breezed by.
We kept that pace, and the chatting through the second mile. We even passed some awesome geese. I haven't figured out how to run with my camera yet (I break things and I don't have a butt pouch) and I was bummed when we ran by the geese and I couldn't snag a shot. The 2 mile marker was placed way off (my Garmin said 1.6 miles) so I was really glad I wore my Garmin this time around.
When we hit the actual 2 mile mark (per Garmin) we were just getting done with a lollipop around a lake and back on the street we ran out for the first mile.  I am amazed we were able to keep a constant pace of just below 12 min/mi for most of the race. When we rounded the corner and saw the finish line we picked it to finish strong.

We finished, grabbed water and a snack, and caught a rubber ducky they were throwing out to the crowd. There was a petting zoo- we didn't go in but did wander over to look at the pigs. There he is:

Today the official chip times came out: We finished at 36:51. Let's review the goals:
  • Run the whole thing. Check!
  • Finish strong. Definitely did that!
  • Beat 38:33. By a whopping 1:42! 
 And as a bonus, I shaved 1:15 off my PR. Whoo! When can I run another one?

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