Friday, December 2, 2011

December Goals, 2011

First, lets revisit November's goals:
1. Stick to my Smart Coach plan and exercise 5 days a week.
 Mostly done. For the month of November we hit every smart coach run. However last week I only exercised 4 times (took Thursday, normally a workout day, off for Thanksgiving)

2. Limit to 3 snacks/caloric beverages and have a serving of vegetables with each dinner.
Snacking/drinking got a bit out of hand on Thanksgiving, and I don't think I hit a full serving of vegetables every night but it's definitely improved. We've even done a few meatless nights, like Brussels sprout night!

Now on to December goals:
1. Stick to my Smart Coach plan and exercise 5 days a week.
Still on the hook for this one.
2. More Yoga.
My yoga studio only offers beginners yoga on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Since Thursday is softball, I usually only get one night of practice in per week. I have tried the intermediate classes, but they move too fast and I don't really know the pose names that well. However, softball is on winter break until February, giving me two months where I can make yoga 2 nights a week. So that's the goal. 
3. No more sweets snacking at work. Avoid everyone's goodies!
I haven't been losing weight like I would like to (10 to 15 pounds would be nice) so I really need to focus on eating the planned snacks and not skipping them for the yummy snacks folks bring to work.

Overall this year has been pretty different than I had planned, in a good way. Certainly I didn't think, back in January 2011, that I would have liked yoga; nor did I think that I would be training for a 10k and thinking about running a half marathon. I didn't plan to like brussels sprouts or tofu, or to fall into the healthy living blog-world. So all of that has been pretty awesome.
I'm about where I planned to be in my personal life, and where I thought I would be professionally. So far, 2011 is a pretty good year and I'm excited to see where I go in 2012!

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