Sunday, December 11, 2011

10k Training- Week 1

I've been using my SmartCoach plan for about a month already, but this week it switched from maintenance runs (easy 2-3 miles) into an actual training plan (speedwork, tempo runs, long runs).
Having never really done a training plan before (except Couch to 5k) I can safely say that I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

We skipped our 4 mi run last Saturday in favor of the 5k. I promised my boyfriend if he picked up the pace to finish the 5k strong I wouldn't make him keep going for another 0.9 miles to make it an even 4. What I didn't tell him is that I was really just going to rearrange our runs and move the 4 mile run to Monday. Oops!

Monday came and we set out for our 4mi run- let me tell you, 4 miles is alot longer than 3. There's a 2.6 mile jogging track at work that we've been doing our weekday runs on, so we went out to the 2 mile marker and back. After the second mile I was feeling pretty tired and wishing this was a 3 mile run and not a 4 mile run. I rationalized that I can run at least 3 miles (as I proved Saturday) and I would go to 3 miles before walking. Then 3 miles hit and I told myself it was only one more mile and then I could be done... sneakily tricking myself into running the whole thing.

Tuesday night I headed over to yoga. We did some low back bends that were pretty cool for loosening up my tight neck. Then I headed home to bake some cupcakes. We are having a Dessert competition at work next Wednesday and I was testing out a recipe for Chocolate Dirt Cupcakes. Reviews at the office were mixed, but I tried one and thought it was amazing so I am going with them for my entry.

Wednesday was another run day, this time speedwork. Holy crap did I want to die! This workout consisted of a mile warm up, and then 3 repeats of 800m fast pace followed by 400m recovery, then one more mile to finish. It was supposed to be 11min/mile pace, only I forgot my Garmin at home so the speed of the so-called fast pace is unknown.

Thursday I left work at 1 and I skipped yoga. I was just feeling so beat and thinking of the looming weekend shifts that I wasn't prepared for. I spent all afternoon grocery shopping and cooking, and when time to go to yoga rolled around I hadn't eaten dinner, hadn't washed all the dishes, and wanted to curl up and snuggle. So that's what I did.

Friday was a super busy day at work- I was in a sim (like playing a video game for a living) and they threw so many failures at me that I was busy fixing the simulated space station the whole day and didn't get to eat lunch until it was over at 3. Its fun, but stressful and tense, so by the end I really wanted to relax. Boyfriend and I lazed on the couch and ordered Chinese food- not the best diet decision but I had given up a day off and a lunch at an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse (my group's holiday get-together) to take the sim because my group lead was in a pinch, so the treat was deserved.

Saturday was a 4 mile run- this one felt long and my legs are definitely tired. Now I'm spending the rest of the day on console hoping that the real space station holds up better than yesterday's simulated one!  There's the ISS model in Mission Control all dressed up for the holidays.

Next week's plan is below:  a 3 mile run Monday, a 4 mile tempo run Wednesday, and a FIVE (!) mile long run Saturday. As you can see our calculated easy pace is 13:54 but we usually go at 12 min/mile. I figure this gives us wiggle room to walk a little if necessary but we try to push ourselves to run as much as possible.  Next week I will also try to squeeze in 2 nights of yoga and bake more cupcakes for the dessert competition. Luckily after working the weekend I get Monday off for baking, laundry, and an oil change.

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