Friday, December 16, 2011

December 2011 Goals Update

Already over halfway done with the month, and in a few days I'll be heading to visit the bf's family in Virginia for my first real Christmas experience. Excited! But also a little afraid I'm gonna freeze to death.

So lets check in on those December Goals:

1. Stick to my Smart Coach plan and exercise 5 days a week.

Averaging more like 4 times a week, still. Gotta try to fit those nice low-impact activities in for active rest days.

2. More Yoga. 
Major fail here. Neither of the past 2 weeks have I gone to yoga twice. Next week I will only be able to make once before we leave. And I just found out that the Yoga studio is closed the week between Christmas and New Years so it isn't looking good. On the bright side, I read on Fitnessista about and downloaded a couple workouts to my Ipod, including an office chair one that I might try to do on the plane. So all is not lost.

3. No more sweets snacking at work. Avoid everyone's goodies!
I've overall done pretty well at this, minus one slip-up on Wednesday. It was the Dessert Competition and after going down to set up my entry, I really wanted to check out what everyone else made. I took a tiny bit of everything that looked good... and it was, indeed, all fabulous. I lost, though. Bummer. I'll be doing a post soon on the fabulous Chocolate Dirt cupcakes I made... they may not be winners, but they are still pretty awesome. Here's my entry  (love the classy shipping crate in the background!):

  And here's a picture of the spread. Yum! Who could resist?

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  1. Sounds like you're doing pretty good. Well, except for the yoga thing! :)