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 Hi! I'm Stephanie. Along with my husband Dan, I live on the outskirts of Houston, TX.

We met at Johnson Space Center where I work in Mission Control for the International Space Station in the Electrical Power Group and he is a Mechanisms and Maintenance Instructor, training astronauts to fix components of the ISS.

Sometimes we run. Sometimes he does karate. Sometimes I swim-bike-run.

I like to write. He likes to read. We like to cook. And we love to eat.

Why Nerds in Love?
I'm the great-granddaughter of a Polish Jew and Dan is the grandson of an Italian Catholic. As I wrote about when I changed the blog name, we approach our interfaith marriage with the belief that we are more alike than different. We may have different religions, different backgrounds, and come from hometowns 1000 miles apart. Our paths never would have crossed in high school or college... but they did cross on the softball fields at Johnson Space Center, where two space nerds fell in love.

The truth of our relationship, and in fact of all relationships between all people, is this: 
What we have in common is more important than what divides us.

I plan to keep writing about the challenges we face as an interfaith couple, but also the adventures and good times and delicious food we encounter along the way. Besides I have plenty of opinions. Especially about the Jewish hardline stance against interfaith marriage, what its like to be a Jew in America, and gender equality.

I'd love to hear from you! Contact me at: nerdsinloveblog[at]gmail.com

The disclaimer: I am a space nerd with a dream space job, after all, and I can't keep completely mum about that. Occasionally, I'll bring you tales from sleep shifting and mission control. The views on this blog are mine, and do not represent NASA or my employer.

Header photo credits from L to R: our wedding ceremony photographed by Photography by Janine; Dan and historic Apollo mission control room where Dan proposed, photographed by our friend Shawn Murphy; Me at Disneyland photographed by Dan. Collage made with PicMonkey.

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