Dan and I were married February 2nd, 2013. Here's some of my favorite wedding-related posts:

About the wedding:
How I Met Your Mother My Fiance
Engagement Story
Wedding Recap Part 1: Getting Ready
Wedding Recap Part 2: The Ceremony
Wedding Recap Part 3: The Reception
Three Months of Married Life

Honeymoon Recaps:
Part 1: Lost in Rome
Part 2: Cruise to Alanya and Limassol 
Part 3: Israel
Part 4: Crete and Naples
Part 5: Back to Rome

Interfaith Marriage posts:
My guest post at A Practical Wedding about finding an officiant.
Are you with us or against us? An open letter to the Jewish community about Interfaith marriage.
Our Interfaith Ketubah
Our Interfaith Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Grad Post on APW 

Name Change series:
Part 1: Social Security
Name Change Wars
Name Change Wars Revisited
Part 2: Drivers License
Part 3: Banks, etc.
Part 4: Then NASA is involved and it gets "hilarious"

Wedding stuff:
(When wedding planning, you spend a lot of energy focusing on the stuff and how it will look in pictures. Before planning a wedding, I never noticed the stuff at weddings... but now, I actively look for it. Here's some listings of our stuff and where we found it, in case it helps you.)
What we wore
Homemade spice rub favors
Suits, guest book, and more
Makeup- if I can DIY, you can too!

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