Saturday, December 17, 2011

10k Training Wk 2

So, for this week I was to stick to "the plan" and also get 2 nights of yoga for 5 days of exercise this week. How did that go?

Monday- 3 mile run. Even though 3 miles is less than the 4 we've been doing, this run still felt fairly long and hard (that's what she said?). I had taken the day off after working the weekend, to accomplish some errands and baking, then met my bf when he got out of work for a run. And he made slow cooker brisket for dinner--  good man!

Tuesday- As explained in this post, I decided to just sit in traffic and miss yoga. That's ok though, because I needed to pick up some display items for my dessert competition entry, make the frosting, frost and decorate the cupcakes, and I kinda needed the night off.

Wednesday- Bf's work holiday party. No time to run but we did go for an after dinner walk in his neighborhood to look at Christmas lights and enjoy some fresh air.

Thursday- Someone was driving so fast on a wet and curvy road Wednesday afternoon that they lost control, crossed 3 lanes of traffic and a median, and then took out a power line support separated from the road by at least 30 feet of grass. I have to imagine he was going over 100 mph to accomplish this. Because of the precarious nature of the leaning power line support, they needed to turn off space center power to erect a temporary pole, so we didn't have to report until noon- don't worry though, Mission Control has backup diesel generators to keep the critical equipment running. So we got a bonus sleep-in day, and we got our 4 mile tempo run in before work. I hate morning running and it was pretty warm and humid- not pleasant at all. After our 2 tempo miles at 12:09 or better pace, we did stop to walk briefly before running the rest of the way home. Here's the Garmin stats:

Looks like we did a good job staying under 12:09 except for one brief incident at 1.75 miles. After a short work day I went to yoga, and a coworker/friend came with me. I like having a yoga date, especially because this teacher likes to do partner stuff and I feel much better partnering with not-a-stranger.

Friday- Fridays are almost always rest days, and this was no exception.  We ate the prettiest sushi for dinner.

We went for a short walk around my neighborhood to look at lights afterwards, but it was cold so we only made it for like half a mile.

Saturday- 5 (!!!) mile run. 5 miles is not only my longest run of the plan to date but my longest run ever. I was not really looking forward to it, because I have never in my life run 5 miles. However, it was a beautiful, sunny day and we did a good job not going out too fast. End result: 5 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes with NO walk breaks! I'm pretty impressed with us- running a whole hour straight is something I did not think I'd be able to do! 

 Afterwards, we grabbed brunch at a Cajun restaurant. When we go running in Houston proper, we like to check out cool new restaurants up there- there's many more options than in our smaller, chain-filled suburbs. I had a mimosa and Bananas Foster french toast:
 My boyfriend ordered Wings and Waffles (a twist on southern staple Chicken and Waffles). You would not believe how good these wings are. We ordered more for dinner. Seriously amazing.

Next week is a light week, convenient since we are going to Virginia for Christmas: 3 miles, 3 miles, and 4 miles.  I'm not worried about the distance but I am worried about the cold!  I will also attempt to fit in some yoga. Then I'm back on Christmas Day to work the following week on console.


  1. Where did you eat in the city? That food looks awesome!

  2. Its called Beaucoup on Old Spanish Trail, like 5 minutes from Hermann Park. Get the chicken wings. They will change your life!

  3. Better than Al's???

  4. @Anonymous (Mom?) Yes I would have to say they are better than Al's. But Al's will always have a special place in my heart. Plus there wasn't a pool of sauce for soaking up with fries. (Yes, dear readers, now you know why I'm fat!)