Wednesday, December 28, 2011

10k Week 3 and 3.5 Training Recap

Since I was too busy posting Hannukah stories all last week, I'll do a combined week 3 and most of week 4 training recap together:

Sunday- Rest

Monday- 3 miles, after work. In the rain. Could be worse, but could have been better.

Tuesday- Yoga, after work. Studio has a policy where they'll cancel class if less than 4 people attend; only 3 showed up but teacher did a shorter class rather than totally cancelling. I'm glad since I am trying to fit in more yoga.

Wednesday- No work today! 3 mile run in bf's neighborhood, then delicious Panera Bread lunch before hopping a plane to Virginia.

Thursday- Rest day.

Friday- Had hoped to do the next 4 mile run, but after a late night of hard drinking, decided to sleep in instead. In the afternoon we went to DC to see some sights. We walked a bunch- to places and around inside the botanical gardens so I'm counting that as exercise!

Saturday- Hilly, cold, muddy 4 mile run. I didn't carry any water with us, and regretted it when we finished because my throat was so dry I started to cough. Thank goodness I do most of my winter running in warmer, humid Houston.

Sunday- Rest and travel back to Houston.

Monday- 4 mile run

Tuesday- I had the laziest day of my adult life yesterday. I stayed in bed until 11:30, cooked myself a big ol' breakfast, relaxed on the couch until work, came home from work and went to bed. There was some laundry in there, and also a workday, but otherwise LAZY. Last time I did something like that was when I was an RA in college- weekend shifts meant you couldn't leave the building basically at all. I would spend all the time until evening office duty at 5pm in my studio apartment.

Wednesday- 4 mile tempo run. This went pretty well too, except when two little dogs chased me. First was a Yorkie, that kept its distance but actually crossed the street to come bark at me. Then 2 blocks later, I ran into a really nasty chihuahua which had scary dagger teeth and a bad attitude. I ran really fast to get away from it but it kept up- so I rounded on him, jumped towards him, and he whimpered and ran off. Jerk. Also jerks are the people who think they can let their little bratty rat dogs run wild in front of their house without supervision. Will you not learn until a car runs over your damn dog?

 I started keeping track of my workouts on Daily Mile at the beginning of December. Here's some cool stats:

45.1 miles in December! I am sure this is my most mileage ever in a month. Finishing out the miles for the rest of December (a 5 miler on Sat) will give me 50.1 miles (that 0.1 is from a 5k on 12/3) for the month.

This is pretty awesome. Also good incentive not to put off the long run to Sunday, which would be January. Might be incentive to make the 5 mile run a 4.9 mile run though, because I like round numbers.

Also look at my pace stats... steady improvement (although I'm still slow) throughout the month.

Time to start thinking about my 2012 goals!

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  1. You're doing a great job on your pace! I'm working on mine too. Keep it up!