Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Hannukah! Day 2

Here we are, Day 2 of Hannukah!

Boyfriend and I traveled to Virginia today. We didn't leave til 2 but took the day off. Started with a 3 mile run and lunch at Panera Bread on the way to the airport. Then we hopped on the plane and got in just in time for dinner.  Perfect!
Obligatory plane photo:
Yes my hair always looks ridiculous/frizzy. Sigh. But check out my sweet Athleta jacket! My sister and brother sent me a giftcard from Athleta for Hannukah and I can't wait to go spend it on more running gear.

Here is tonight's Menorah:

Now I'm watching (and laughing) as my boyfriend and his father try to wrestle the Christmas tree into the living room. This is a new (and hilarious) experience for me, since we never had a tree growing up (no, there's no such thing as a Hannukah bush), and I'm pretty amazed/scared its going to fall and crush us all.

As I said last night, I'll post one Hannukah FAQ/factoid each night. So for night 2:
Q: My calendar says today is the first day of Hannukah. Why did you light candles last night? (or alternately: Why did my calendar say "Hannukah begins at sundown?" Is that like Christmas Eve?)
A: Jewish holidays always start at sundown the night before the first day. This is because of the way the bible describes creation: "It was evening and it was morning, the first day," teaching us that days are evening and then morning, not morning and then evening. This is why Jews start the Sabbath on Friday night by lighting candles and having a big dinner. This is also why the first day of Hannukah (this year) began at nightfall on December 20th, rather than the morning of December 21st.

If you have any Hannukah questions, send them my way (add a comment, tweet me, email me) and I'll add your answer to a future night. [Meg your question gets answered tomorrow!]

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