Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's not Writer's Block...

As my few faithful readers have probably noticed, posting here has gotten a little thin. While I'm training I can always be counted on for a thrilling recap of training and how much biking hurts my lady parts (answer: A lot!). But lately that seems to be all this blog is good for.

It's not all about time (although that does play a part- tri training is occupying a substantial chunk of previously free time of late) but also about not having the wherewithal to formulate a post.

But it's not writer's block. It's anger.

What I am angry about is this: When pro-life and pro-choice people talk to each other about abortion, they will always ALWAYS be talking past each other. The argument is cruel, and frustrating, and endless. There is no common ground here, and BOTH sides are guilty of the loss of the middle. Both sides refuse to acknowledge the humanity of the other side. And for that, both sides are wrong.

What I am angry about is this: Our -isms have stopped being overt. When women weren't allowed to vote, when blacks were forced to the back of the bus... nobody could look at that and truly say "there's no sexism here," or "there's no racism here." And since our -isms are not obvious, it's like they don't exist.
But now we have race jokes and rape jokes, now we can think that because a few women and minorities have made it to the top means every woman/minority can make it to the top if they would just work hard enough/not have too many babies/whatever things all people do but only the disadvantaged are blamed for. Now we can sit comfortably on our haunches and declare that racism and sexism are over, and affirmative action is no longer necessary. But they aren't over, they are so quietly encoded into our system that we can't see them anymore. Hate isn't gone, it's just gone underground.

What I am angry about is this: Jews who want to create a modern mental ghetto. Who want their children to grow up in and around mainstream was society, with all the advantages that entails, but who must still marry Jews for it's own sake. Who decry intermarriage as not producing Jewish children, while turning away intermarried families who want raise their children Jewish. You cannot have your un-Kosher cake and eat it too. The price of living in the world is living with the world.

What I am angry about is this: The price of living in the world is living with the world, but nobody seems to know that. Those who think their religious beliefs apply to you, despite your having a whole other religion. Or that their religion overcomes your bodily autonomy. Or that their religion gives them the right to [kill, terrorize, threaten, ban, outlaw, proselytize to, etc.] adherents of others. (And I'm not talking about any one particular religion here, because plenty are guilty of it, including my own.) Or that because God will judge someone at the pearly gates, they need not feel the full weight of justice here on earth. Civil law is not religious law. Except in [Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Mississippi, Florida, etc.] where it is.

So what I am is not quiet, but angry. And ranting is all I feel like doing right now. Not coherent ranting, not helpful ranting, just ranting. So I'm keeping quiet. For now.

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