Monday, July 29, 2013

Triathlon Training Week 5

Hard to believe my first triathlon is now only 3 weeks away!

Due to pool closure, last week's training kinda bled into this week so we'll start on....

Tuesday: 300 m swim, 20 min run

Wednesday: Wicked!

Thursday: my first brick- 30 min bike, 10 min run, 20 min walk
My butt is always basically numb when I get off the bike. That's probably bad, right? So it takes a little wobble walking to get up to a run, which I guess is kinda the point of bricks anyways... Practice makes perfect.

Friday: Off
Was supposed to be a swim, but I moved that to Saturday so I could take the night off to be a couch potato with my hubs.

Saturday: 400 m swim, 40 mi run
Swim was tough... I got very winded early and had to extend my rests to make it the rest of the laps. I'm starting to worry again about the swim portion of the tri and I think I'm going to swim my cool down 50 as breast stroke because I think it's easier to breathe and sight that way and I might need to use it during the race. It's much slower for me, and a big arm strain, so I'll definitely need to practice.

Sunday: 12 mi bike
Whew! Again I took to the roads behind my house, and this time I took my husband. His bike was still at this house, so he went during the week to pick it up so we could ride together. Things were going well until we rode by a small angry dog around mile 6. It was super fast and bolted right out of a hole at the bottom of the fence and chased us down the street. While trying to not get bitten and not run the dog over, Dan edged a little too close to the side and fell into the ditch. He is very graceful, unlike his wife, and managed to drop the bike and hop off, leaving the bike in the ditch and escaping to the other side without a scratch. Of course as soon as we were off the bikes, the dog skittered back home. Jerk.

 I try to plan meals on the weekends for the whole week and do one big grocery shop. This weekend I actually did it on Friday night, and planned dinner for Saturday, too. Finding recipes is always the challenge. Maybe something we are eating will sound good to you? Here's our menu:
Saturday: Curry chicken wraps
While we were grilling I put some extra chicken on the grill then popped it in the freezer, for a quick meal another day. For this meal we broke out one of the two bottles of wine we brought back from our honeymoon in Cyprus. Hard to believe that was already 5 months ago!
Sunday: Seafood Cioppino
Prepared it first thing, so it could slow cook all day. I love cooking in a slow cooker- delicious food with very little effort.
Tuesday: Pasta
The meatless dinner of the week (I'm trying to plan one per week). Dan goes to karate on Tuesday nights and doesn't get home until 9 so after the gym I'll make this quick recipe.
Friday: Orange Chicken

The rest of the nights are leftovers... and a group dinner outing on Wednesday in remembrance of Pumplemas.

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