Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Triathlon" training, Weeks 1 and 2

Since I haven't actually committed to Tri Girl, for now I'm calling this "Triathlon" training. Although I think Dan has already resigned himself that I'm gonna do this race and he's gonna have to go support me in the heat at the crack of dawn. Wonderful husband, that man!

To be honest, I have been wishing I could sign up for a race for a long time. We did do a 5k in April, and while my performance wasn't great, I did run the whole thing which was a feat already considering how little I had run in the 6 months previous (like 4 times). This was the first race since we started running together that Dan and I split up, and he finished about 10 minutes ahead of me. Speedy guy.
But aside from that race, which we didn't train for, I have wanted a goal race to train for. I'm much more disciplined in my workouts when I know that I've already signed up for (and paid for) a race and I will suffer on race day from my laziness today.  That said, I don't want to sign up for a race that I'm totally unprepared for and will be miserable during, which is why I'm hesitating to sign up for the Tri Girl.

Week 1:
I told you already about Tuesday's run and Thursday's swim.

Friday: 5 mile bike ride, on the stationary bike at the gym.
Made the mistake of using the reclining bike (because it had a TV... later I found there are uprights with TVs too) and it was not comfortable at all. Am I the only person who finds recumbent bikes less ergonomic? All I've ever heard was that they're so much better for your back. But mine was not good for my back. And my left foot fell asleep. No thanks.
Saturday: 15 minute run
Sunday: 5 mile bike ride and some abs. 
Found an upright bike and it was better. Except for my butt, which now hurts. I need some padded shorts.Yes, I am probably going to whine through all 11 weeks of this plan about biking. Not my sport of choice.

Week 2:
Monday: 200m swim, 15 min run.
This was my first triathlon-type experience. The plan mandates a two-a-day but didn't specify if it had to be back-to-back, I just didn't want to get up early and do one workout before work, one after. After my swim, I hopped out of the pool and headed to the locker room. I traded in my bathing suit bottoms for running shorts, but kept on my bathing suit top (thank goodness for small boobs- I don't need a fancy sports bra!). I threw a shirt over it because I don't really feel comfortable (skinny or tan enough) to run with my stomach all exposed. I have ordered a tankini top, with enough support to run in, for the future. And I had to dry off a little anyways, my gym would frown on a soaking wet girl running laps on their track.
As for the two back to back workouts, I was tired post-pool but it wasn't too bad to run. I worry far more about running after sitting on the bike, because my back/butt get kind of stiff. (Plan starts bricks in a couple weeks, so we'll see how that goes!)

Tuesday: 8 mile stationary bike ride.
Plan had 6 on Wednesday and 8 on Sunday. I'm not expecting to get to ride this weekend, so I figured if I was going to skip a workout I should skip the shorter one and do the longer one.

Wednesday: 200m swim.

I skipped a rest day on Monday, moving up the week's workouts to Mon-Tues-Wed from Tues-Wed-Thurs (that's actually 7 straight days of working out, quite a streak!) but I know that I won't have access to either a lap pool or a bike (stationary or otherwise) while out of town over the weekend and I didn't want to totally fall off the wagon in week 2. I do hope to get one run in during the weekend. I basically have to, since it's my only chance to run outside and not die before September and I should really take advantage of that.

Today I left work at noon to hit up the gym and finish packing before we leave. We're off to Virginia tonight to visit Dan's family for the 4th of July long weekend. His cousin lives right in downtown Washington DC and we're going to a party at their house, from which you can see the fireworks on the mall. I've only seen the DC fireworks on TV, so I'm pretty excited for this!

Happy Fourth of July!

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