Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Triathlon Training Update- Week 4

Big news of this week? I did it. I signed up for the August 18th Tri-Girl. So, guess that's gonna happen. Eeek!

Week 4 Training
Monday: Off

Tuesday: Swim 300m, Run 20 mins
After working the night shift, sleeping 3 hours, and spending most of the day a couch potato, I did finally convince myself to get up and go to the gym. I told myself I could just do the swim and save the run for Thursday, but as I said last week, I'm weakest on the swim and really wanted to get those workouts in.

Wednesday: Bike 8 miles

Thursday: Swim 300m, Walk 30 mins Run 20 mins
I went to the gym with the intention of basically doing Tuesday's workout- swim 300m and run 20 mins. But I forgot to check the pool closures for the week and it turned out the pool was closed from Thursday afternoon through close on Sunday for a big swimming tournament. Had I known, I would have swapped the sim to Wednesday and saved the bike for Thursday. Oh well, live and learn... and do the 20 min run.

Friday: Off

Saturday: 40 min Run

Sunday: 10 mile Bike
Took my real bike out for the first time of this training plan (previous rides had been on stationary bikes at the gym). The area around my neighborhood is mostly devoid of bike lanes or even shoulders, so I am restricting my real bike rides to the back roads and only on weekends when traffic is light. I saw only a few cars the whole time and enjoyed sightseeing- saw plenty of interesting things of the type you only see in Texas. It was slow/heavy going, so I need to bump the resistance up when I spin next time. Also, from the category "probably TMI," the real bike makes my lady parts hurt much more than the stationary bike, not sure if that's seat shape or how I sit or because the road is way bumpy. The butt hurt is about the same, though.

Monday: Off Swim 300m, Walk 30 mins

Next week: My first brick!

Thoughts on Tri training so far?
I really like the variety. Running 3-4 times a week is kind of boring after awhile, although we'll be back to that in the fall because I am planning a late winter half marathon. Mixing up the workouts is fun because even though I work out 5 times a week now, it's not the same thing day in, day out and it uses some different muscles so I haven't had a big problem with DOMS or muscle fatigue. (Actual fatigue from my crazy shift schedule is a different story...)
On the other hand, 5 workouts a week is a huge time commitment that I don't see being very sustainable once September rolls around (first weekend- recover from night shift, second weekend- out of town, third weekend- Yom Kippur, fourth weekend- out of town...). Ideally for steady state exercise I would probably do 3-4 times a week. I think I'll take another page from Caitlin HTP and do an Ironman month. Well, maybe a half-Ironman month first.

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