Monday, July 15, 2013

Triathlon training week 3

As I'm sure you would have predicted, I didn't go for a run in Virginia. We were out until midnight or later every night, and chose to spend our weekend sleeping in. Also it was hot... not as hot as here, but not exactly the pleasant running weather that I was hoping for.

Monday, though I got right back to the grind even though we had some unexpected company- Dan's sister and her husband were a couple hours from Houston for a wedding over the weekend and decided to stop and stay with us for a couple days on their way back to New Orleans. Though I would usually take this as an opportunity to skip the gym and drink a lot, I did not. That's a non scale victory if I ever saw one (although the not drinking was mostly because I was on call- a backup person in case something broke on the ISS and the console operator couldn't handle it alone. Thankfully, nothing happened!)

Monday- 200m swim, 15 min run
I can feel myself getting stronger at swimming. Less gasping for air at the end of every lap. But running after swimming? Let's just say that wasn't pretty.

Wednesday- 8 mile bike ride, abs
The plan called for 6 but I did some penance for the missed ride over the weekend and threw in an extra couple miles. Then I finished it off with some abs work.

Thursday- 300m swim, 30 min walk
I walked on the treadmill so I could read while I walked. I started The Handmaid's Tale on the plane to VA and am DYING to finish it. It's crazy, but the way she describes the change- one day a woman with a job and credit, the next day fired and only men could have bank accounts... well, lately it's not so hard to imagine it happening here.

Saturday- 30 min run
I told myself I could walk if I had to, but I managed to run the whole thing.

Sunday- 10 mile bike ride

I'm not sure how training is going to go this week. Last night I was on the evening shift, then I headed home to stay up all night to shift to the overnight shift for one night only. Tuesday morning is another US EVA, and I'm supporting the overnight shift to prep for it. I'm off that shift at 6am, and then back to days in the office on Wednesday. That's a lot of shift changes in not too long a time. My priority is to get my swim workouts in, because that's where I need the most practice.

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