Monday, August 5, 2013

Triathlon Training, Week 6

Holy crap, 2 more weeks! Now that I know I can swim/tread water/bike/hobble enough to survive the race, I'm more preoccupied with all the other things that I can screw up in the race. A running-only race is pretty minor: remember your shoes and you'll be ok; sure it sucks if your Garmin spazzes out, but there are mile markers, it'll be fine. In the bike and swim there are so many more things to worry about. Flat tires, thrown chains, lost goggles, wardrobe malfunctions... Ack!

Enough panicking, onto the training! Here's this week in workouts (and some foods).

Monday: 400m swim, 30 min run

Tuesday: Brick- 5 mile bike followed by 10 min run
Oh you guys, Bricks are damn near impossible. I did my ride on the road and then ran around the neighborhood when I got back. It was weird... rather than dragging in the run, my numb jelly legs were going too fast. I was running at a 10min/mi pace while my usual pace is about a 13:30 and this quickly left me exhausted/winded. I can't sustain that pace, and to avoid burning out I will plan to start the "run" leg of the race with 5 mins of walking. Sure it might hurt my time in the beginning, but not like dying after the first mile would.

Wednesday: Rest Day
To celebrate Pumplemas, we went to local burger joint Tookies- home of the Squealer (a burger with bacon ground into it.) I had a regular burger, which was also delicious.

Thursday: 400 m swim
I'm on a team at work I alternately call "the pep squad," "the booster club," or "the committee for planning parties." (We have an actual name, but these are more descriptive.) We are charged with coming up with awards and fun activities in and out of work to make it a happy place. We had happy hour and bowling competition on Thursday and since I was one of the organizers, of course I went! I went and snacked a bit, plus had a beer. When it was over I went right to the gym and swam my 400m. I'm pretty proud, because exercising after happy hour is rarely my thing.

Friday: Rest Day
I grouped my run and swim earlier in the week in order to get two rest days in the week. Working out hard 5 days a week is already too much!

Saturday: 16.5 mile bike
Was supposed to be a 15 mile bike but ended up down a street that didn't cross back to the street my neighborhood is off of. I went almost a mile down the street before I realized my cross-over wasn't coming. Turns out it was only about 2 blocks from where I turned onto that street.. if only I'd turned right instead of left.
I did hop off the bike and walk for a few minutes when I did hit the 15 miles before hopping back on to pedal home... needed to give my poor butt a rest.

Sunday: 400m swim, 30 min run
The pool is closing from Monday through Friday this week for annual cleaning (why they picked this week I will never understand... I would think it would make more sense to wait until school started, and then it wouldn't interfere with my training!) so I did my first swim of the week early, and will make-up the second swim next Saturday. I'm not so pleased to have to spend 5 whole days not swimming in the middle of my training, but I'll live. Probably.
While I was in the pool today I also practiced treading water for a few minutes. Its the one thing they teach well in Florida- chances are high that you will not make it out of childhood alive after driving into a canal, being thrown overboard from a boat, falling into a pool, getting swept out to sea, etc, if you cannot tread water. I bet it will come in handy during the race.

And this week's planned eats:
Slow Cooker Curry Chicken is on right now, for dinner tonight and leftovers throughout the week. I was afraid of curry for years after a scary and puffy allergic reaction to some Indian food when I first moved to Houston. Good news is, while I was allergic to something in that Indian food, it was not the curry and now Dan and I are on a major curry kick.
Another night will be Oven Fried Chicken, and then the Nut Burgers here. We've been hunting for a nut burger recipe that tastes close to as good as the amazing Beaver Nut Burger. Maybe this could be the one. (Fingers crossed!)


  1. Can't wait to see how the nut burgers turn out! They have a lot to live up to :)

  2. I know, right?!
    I will say I had a lot higher hopes before I couldn't find miso paste at the grocery story. I'm trying it with tahini instead.