Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Wish

I happened on this video a few months ago, which I think pinpoints the problem of the Israel-Palestine relations. (Fair warning: Watch it and try not to cry, I dare you.)

(via Upworthy)

I think most people see a message of peace, of hope. I think that's what they wanted you to see. But you know what I saw? Hate. How many Jews said their wish was no more Muslims in Israel? How many Muslims said their wish was no more Jews in Palestine? And how many of them were children?!

When we visited Israel for the honeymoon we saw the attempts to coexist, first-hand. Jericho, a Palestinian city, where our Israeli tour guide would be forbidden from entering. A checkpoint between the West Bank and Jerusalem. Metal detectors, x-ray machines, and armed guards checking everyone who leaves the Muslim quarter and enters the rest of Jerusalem. Monitored and patrolled fences on the Jordanian border. Barbed wire. So many guns.

It was truly heartbreaking. My wish is that people would stop teaching their children to hate, and instead teach them to learn from, love, and respect their neighbors. 

What's your wish?

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