Friday, August 9, 2013

Houston Eats- Tokyohana for Restaurant Weeks

August 1st kicked off one of my favorite Houston traditions- Houston Restaurant Weeks. I'm sure it started as a single week once, but as long as I've lived here it has been a few weeks, and this year is up to a whole month.

What's the scoop? Restaurants sign on to offer set multi-course menus for a fixed price. Depending on the price, a specific portion of the proceeds is donated to the Houston Food Bank. Its a good opportunity to try some new restaurants while also helping a charity- let's face it, you were gonna go out for dinner a couple times this month anyways, so the donation is icing on the cake. (Sometimes, there's actual cake!)

For the first weekend of the month, I was craving some Asian food and we decided on Tokyohana- a Japanese/hibachi restaurant. The menu they offered was:
Choice of soup/salad- we chose the onion soup because its kind of the best part
Choice of appetizer: I chose the chicken gyoza, which were quite delicious.
 Choice of one of three sushi rolls:
I chose this roll with tuna, avocado, and a wasabi honey sauce.
 Dan chose the New Orleans roll with crab, cream cheese and crispy bits. (I only eat cream cheese in desserts and on bagels. Otherwise the texture creeps me out.)
 Then it was time for the main event! I ordered chicken/scallops combo, Dan had the steak/shrimp combo.
 And for dessert, tempura bananas with green tea or vanilla ice cream.
Yum! This weekend we're going to Melting Pot, which offers their usual four course meal (salad, cheese fondue, cooking fondue, and chocolate fondue) at about $5 cheaper than regular price. So we save $5 and get $5 donated to the food bank for each of our meals. Sweet deal!

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