Monday, August 12, 2013

Triathlon Training Week 7

Another week of tri training in the books, and only one more to go!

Monday- 40 min run
After last summer's training, I swore never to run in heat like that again. So I took to the treadmill, even though all previous treadmill experiences were soul crushing. However, my new gym has individual TVs on the treadmills. Getting to choose what I watch makes a huge difference.

Tuesday- Brick: 30 min bike, 10 min run, 20 min walk
Last week I tried my brick on my real bike outdoors, but there were so many cars on the road that I felt stressed and uncomfortable the whole time. So I decided to keep my outdoor rides to the weekends and out of rush hour traffic and stick to the stationary bike. This time I used one of the computerized ones rather than the spin bike and set it to random hill to try to mirror the heaviness of my real bike.

Wednesday and Thursday were rest days for a home-related appointment and a work happy hour. I don't like doing rest days back to back, but this week it happened that way.

Friday- 40 min run and...
It wasn't on the schedule, but I kept walking on the treadmill after my 40 mins of running ended because Law and Order: SVU was on and I wanted to find out how it ended. Yes, really. See? Those treadmill TVs are priceless! So tack on about another mile for 25 mins of walking.

Saturday- 500m swim (planned), 700ish yd swim (actual)
TriGirl is really beginner friendly. The race organizers put on an open water swim clinic and Q&A with a local triathlete this weekend at a lake nearby my house (which is lucky, since the race is an hour from my house). I was really nervous driving there, I figured it was just because I have some social anxiety and was worried about interacting with strangers (yes, the girl who communicates for a living and writes about her life on the internet is afraid of talking to strangers- really its about the awkward party dynamic of wandering up to random people and making small talk) but as I was getting out of the lake I realized there was another fear too. After doing all my training in the pool, was I going to find out that I couldn't handle the lake?
But it turned out great. Yes the lakeweed is icky, and it's weird not to be able to see a foot ahead of you, or the bottom, or be able to stop and hold on to the wall... but its not so bad really. Plus the water was warm and pleasant,not cold and abrasive like the pool. I did get a little water up my nose when picking my head up forward to sight until I got the hang of breathing into the wind, but I also learned that I can swim the required 300m without stopping at the wall, tread water like a champ, and swim in a mostly straight line (actually its easier than I thought it would be). So now I'm feeling really good about the swim portion next weekend, and I got some good tips for transition and the tri in general. Hooray!

Sunday- 15 mi bike, 20 min walk
Another ride out on the roads. Dan came with me for the first half (actually 8.6 miles), then I went out and did another loop without him to finish off the 15. It began to drizzle when Dan and I were on our way home, but really started raining about a mile after I left him. I finished the ride soaked. I'm lucky the really bad weather held off, I heard the first thunderclap just as I pulled into my driveway so I decided to skip the walk. Then, continuing our Restaurant Weeks fun, we had brunch reservations at 1. I read once that brunch is just breakfast where you're allowed to drink, and I do love when I earn a mimosa!
Beer for Dan, mimosa for me, afternoon nap for both of us when we got home. (I also love to earn an afternoon nap...) And with that, we're at race week! Here goes...

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