Monday, January 30, 2012

Training Recap and a "Wild" Saturday Night

Another week of 10k training in the books. I officially have signed up for a 10k on 3/10/11... my first ever. We have to extend the training plan a little bit to fit this date (originally targeted a 10k in Feb but couldn't find any to meet my work and travel schedule. First World Problems.).

Monday- 3 mile easy run. Boyfriend and I had planned to go to a local sushi place that we hardly ever go to because their hours are weird for dinner. Of course they're closed Mondays. No sushi for me, we hit up Mediterranean instead.

Tuesday- Yoga (1 point for January goals!)

Wednesday- A major thunderstorm that spawned a couple tornadoes came through Houston! Thought it was gonna give me a rest day, but it cleared up just in time for an afternoon run. 3 miles on a surprisingly not-so-muddy trail. We finally got to go to the sushi restaurant. We ordered the Fugi Roll (raw tuna, apple, avocado) and a Mixed Don (bowl of all kinds of random fish and veggies over rice, topped with a spicy sauce).

Thursday- Supposed to be 3 mile run, but I cut it to 2.78 because of time constraints. Then rushed home, grabbed a snack (below), and headed off to yoga (twice in one week?! Dreams do come true!).

Friday- Rest day. Movie with friends, home cooked dinner with my bf.

Saturday- "long" run day.  4 miles in my bf's neighborhood. 
Saturday night we went out on the town. First we hit a highly recommended Mexican restaurant that won "best wings in Houston" for 2011. They were delicious but oh-so-spicy! It came with a creamy avocado sauce and jicama slices to cool the burn. I think I ate more jicama than wings.

I got the chicken soft tacos:

Boyfriend got these bean enchiladas- basically meat inside of little quarter folded tortillas drowned in a black bean sauce.

I also ordered this drink called Paloma Picante- lime juice, grapefruit juice, tequila, and chile powder. It sounded good but was too much tequila/chile powder and not enough grapefruit juice for me, so I gave most of it to my bf.

Then because we are super hip and it was only 8pm, we went to a bar down the street for drinks. The bar was deserted so we set up at the bar with some beer and proceeded to take goofy pictures.

Then we headed home at 9:00, like I said- Super hip. The bar was, of course, just starting to fill up, but we went home and curled into bed with books for the rest of the night. Sounds like a good night to me! (BTW I'm wearing like a giant coat and scarf because it was 60 degrees out and Florida girl couldn't handle it! Also fuzzy boots. Because when else will I get to wear them?)

Sunday- French toast. Don't worry, I split that mess with my boyfriend!
 Home yoga (WHAT?! Who am I?) to stretch out- my right hip felt super tight when I woke up. So I did a little Yoga for Runners to loosen it up. Was pretty good, although I can't do that crazy pose with the leg all up in the air so I threw in some Pigeon while the recording told people to do that. We'll see how tomorrow's run goes.  We'll see IF my run tomorrow goes.
Then I had lunch and a movie (Beauty and the Beast in 3D. Why yes, I am 6 years old, thanks for asking!) with some coworkers (I call that a Lady-date) before heading over to do T-Rex and make dinner with my bf. Now we are relaxing with wine and 007.

Here's the training according to Daily Mile. One full rest day, 4 runs, 1 strength day, and 3 Yoga practices. And one hip injury. Sigh.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good training week to me!! I think yoga is the BEST compliment to running :)

    And that sushi roll with the apple sounds fabulous, sushi is my all-time favorite meal!!

    1. I totally agree about yoga. I don't know how people who run tons and never do yoga keep from dying. Yoga works out all my aches and pains!