Monday, January 16, 2012

Training Recap (Week 5) & Tummy Troubles

Lets recap week 5 of my training plan:
Monday- No running, just wandering around the airports. We spent 7 hours traveling, and got home just in time for dinner. I threw together a dinner of grocery store rotisserie chicken and salad (ran into the grocery for 2.2 seconds to grab a chicken and a bag of lettuce). Not too shabby.
Tuesday- 3 mile run. We got out of work late (I had a class until 5) so we only had time for a short run before it got dark and cold. Then we snagged dinner at Bullritos. I pretended to be a good girl and ordered a bowl instead of a burrito. Yum! I ate about 2/3 for dinner and had the rest for lunch the next day. Lunches made of leftover dinners are my favorite!

Wednesday- I have decided we need to add weight training (inspired by tons of fit and toned bloggers who talk about its benefits) so we did a T-Rex circuit. And then Maple Glazed Salmon with Roasted Brussels Sprouts.
Thursday- 4 mile tempo run. This went well, so I was happy. Dinner was grocery store sushi with a side of edamame (I bought them frozen and heated in the microwave... super easy!):

Friday- Day off for celebrating Dan's bday!
Saturday- Work at 7am. How lame is that? No amount of space station commanding can make going to work at 7 on a Saturday seem fun, I promise. Afterwards, met with running buddy for 6 mile run. Cut run short due to dreaded tummy troubles! Bummer.
Sunday- T-ReX workout then dinner with bf after work. I wanted to take a picture to show you the T-Rex, but I don't know what to do with my face while I'm being photographed exercising. What do you do with your face?

So let's talk about tummy troubles. Saturday I had high hopes for a 6 mile run. In fact, for the first two miles, we held to a good pace, I was breathing well, and my legs felt like they had another 4 miles in them. Sadly my stomach did not have any more miles in it. If you don't like poop stories, you should probably skip the next paragraph. Its not so graphic, but some people are squeamish....

At 2.1 my stomach was not happy, so I stopped to walk. This helped.... so I started running again, which did not help! We were running on a 2.6 mile trail... it ends and starts at the same parking lot but doesn't really connect, unless you want to run through the parking lot. In the parking lot is a bathroom. So we ran/walked another 0.6 miles or so, to the bathroom. Its a trade-off between running getting you there faster and walking making your stomach feel better. Run/walk/waddle/repeat. After that I decided we should give it another go. We ran maybe 0.2 more miles, back to the start of the running trail, and I knew that was it. I was not going to make it another 2.6 miles around. So we quit after 3 miles of running and I limped back to the bathroom.  Once I stopped running I felt better, but not 100%, still both nauseous and crampy.

I must say I'm pretty bummed about this. This used to happen a lot when I first started, but in recent times has gotten better. I'm able to pretty regularly complete 4 and 5 miles runs without troubles. So what happened on this run that I only made it 2 miles?
  • Food the night before? We ate chicken wings, drank alcohol, had a big, not-so-healthy hibachi dinner. 
  • Food the day of? I usually run in the afternoon after work, and rarely does my breakfast or lunch bother me. But yesterday I ate lunch a little later than usual and we ran a little earlier than usual. I had egg salad w/ hummus, with sliced veggies and pita chips on the side... usually this is a good lunch, but this time it wasn't sitting right.
  • Vitamin Water? Usually I drink water with lunch on run days, but Sunday I had a vitamin water zero instead. It was delicious... but maybe the artificial sweetener affected my run? I should note that I drink Diet Coke all the time (even first thing in the morning, and right before a run) and it doesn't ever bother me; stevia is supposed to be less bad for you than aspartame, but maybe I'm backwards.
I guess I need to keep a food journal and see if I can trace the tummy troubles to a common source.

In the meantime, we have now skipped both of our planned 6 mile runs for the training plan as well as cut down mileage on another run. Dan expressed that his legs felt tired and heavy on the last run. Next week was supposed to up our mileage even more, but I think we need to repeat this week of the plan before moving on. Glad I'm doing this with plenty of time before the actual race!

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