Saturday, January 28, 2012

Home Cooking Challenge Chicken and a Lazy Friday

Yesterday after a long, slow workday I headed out to our new favorite hangout. Chuy's is pretty good Tex-Mex food; they have a great happy hour at 4pm every day that includes free chips with a nacho bar (queso, salsa, ground beef, and a spicy ranch sauce) to dress up your chips. Also they have cheap drinks on happy hour- boyfriend and I each got a beer, snacked on chips, and the bill was only $4! Some other friends joined up with us there... free nachos man!
After that we headed with some other friends to see Underworld.  Honestly, if you've seen one Underworld, you've seen them all. A lot of effects, gore, and Kate Beckinsale walking around in a ridiculous get-up of skintight shiny black leather while she kills people and/or werewolves. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that. In fact, I aspire that my ass should look that good in skintight black leather. But, you know, the movies don't have a whole lotta substance, is all I'm saying.

Well, whatever, it was a nice hour and a half of gory, sexy, escapism, and fancy weapons.

Then we headed to the grocery to buy ingredients for Cooking Light's Sauteed Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Pan Sauce.
Chicken was ok but the sauce was AMAZING. And super easy, basically 4 ingredients- shallots, balsamic vinegar, chicken broth, and the butter that was leftover in the pan. Swap it to saute shallots in butter before adding the liquid and you could use that sauce over anything.
I added boxed couscous and salad to balance out the meal:

                                                          And beer, of course!

After, we hung out reading and watching TV before bed. Nice lazy Saturday after a loooong week!


  1. does your boyfriend like couscous? i LOVE it and sean likes it well enough but he thinks its weird that it comes in tiny balls (TWSS? haha sorry) and he always calls it snow rice lol

    1. My boyfriend likes anything you put in front of him, basically. He's pretty easy to feed. Except kale, no luck there!
      He spent time in the Egypt though, so he eats weird Middle Eastern stuff like couscous without question. I like the pearl couscous better than regular, has bigger balls that are more rice-like/gummy in texture.