Monday, January 2, 2012

Home Cooking Challenge: a hit and a miss

We are headed back out of town for bf's sister's wedding on Thursday- only 11 days after I came back, and only 1 week after bf came back, from Christmas in Virginia. Since this is a short week I did both my new entree and new vegetable for the week on the same night. Luckily I had the day off work so we ran our 4 miles in the morning, leaving plenty of time to grocery shop and cook!

One of the vegetables I'm most afraid of is kale. Its super green and has the weird frilly leaves and its so full of vitamins it can't possibly taste good! So I decided to face my fears and tackle kale first.

I made Chicken Parmesan as an entree, with Braised Kale and Red Potatoes as a side, both from Cooking Light.

The Chicken Parmesan was SO good. The breading got crispy from being sauteed and the cheese was all melty and warm from being broiled. This recipe is excellent and wasn't very difficult-- though it did leave a host of dirty dishes. No worry, I stuck everything but the pan in the dishwasher.

The kale and potatoes, on the other hand, was super bland. For tomorrow's lunch leftovers I added more ground pepper, a bit more salt, and some garlic powder to the mix to give it some more flavor. This recipe has a good idea (potatoes and garlic should make even me a fan), but it ruins it by separating the majority of the flavor (browned garlic and crushed red pepper) from the veggies for most of the cooking process. Not a keeper, and my quest for the Kale grail continues.

Served with Caesar-esque salad with homemade whole grain croutons. Overall not a bad meal.

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