Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I ate Wednesday- A week of eats!

Last week I borrowed heavily from the blogosphere to make some delicious eats. So for this WIAW, a whole week of what I ate:

Friday night- I did indeed make some delicious spaghetti squash using this recipe. It was awesome, with loads of leftovers to get me through the short week.  Wine, bread, squash, and cheese... a balanced dinner!

Saturday- Stopped in town after our run for delicious New York Style bagels. That evening my dear boyfriend wanted to watch football so I made fANNEtastic food's delicious pumpkin bean dip. I brought half to my boyfriend's house with blue corn chips, celery, and bell pepper slices for dipping. The other half I brought to work on Monday with more of the same. It got rave reviews!
Sunday- My first Brussels sprouts. My mom loves them but my dad doesn't so my mom never made them when I was a kid. They get a bad rap, so I assumed I wouldn't like them. Wrong. With instructions from fANNEtastic food and a recipe from DailyGarnish my first Brussels sprout experience went well.  We paired the super easy Asian Brussels sprouts recipe with some homemade brown fried rice (brown rice, 2 eggs, lots of veggies).
Monday- Made a giant salad using a bunch of leftover veggies (that didn't make it into the stir fry) and a chicken breast that I needed to get rid of before the vacation, along with some blue cheese.  Here's what it looked like:

Tuesday- Finished off the leftover spaghetti squash, just in time for vacation!
Wednesday- Vacation begins! We bought an Einstein's salad and bagel from the airport to share for lunch on the plane. (Continental doesn't give you any snacks! I'm a Southwest devotee, with their delicious & free 100 calorie packs, for sure!) The rest of the day we relaxed and hung out with my boyfriend's family and friends (my parents didn't get in until late).  His mom made chicken sausage for dinner (I don't eat pork, I don't think I've ever gone to his parents house and there not have been at least one sausage-based meal, but she's really good at keeping it separate or buying a kind I can eat).
Thursday-Thanksgiving! As our contribution to the feast, we made Daily Garnish's Apple cinnamon cranberry quinoa.I doubled the recipe. It smelled so good while cooking. Those soaked, cinnamon apples might be the best food ever. Sad I didn't get a picture of just our quinoa but you can see it below on my plate bottom center/right. Since it was a big day for me (my parents meeting boyfriend's parents for the first time) I started drinking early (like noon) and kept a steady stream of liquid courage going throughout the night. Probably not the best calorie intake strategy. Oh well. As promised though, I took the one plate of all the fixins and didn't go back for more. Check it out (Clockwise from Quinoa is spinach salad, stuffing, sweet potato, mashed potato, and smoked turkey; in the middle is Spinach lasagna, and I tossed the green beans on top because I was out of room):

Friday: Dan's family does leftovers pizza on the Friday after Thanksgiving- cranberry sauce as a base on a premade pizza crust, covered with leftover turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, etc. Then topped with mozzarella and heated in the oven. This is SO good! I had a couple slices that night and some leftover slices the next day before we left for the airport.

So there you have it... one very delicious week! (My boyfriend eating my face below to prove it!) Happy Thanksgiving!

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