Sunday, November 27, 2011

Running Wants!

As I said in my Kitchen wants post, I have all kinds of wants. Mostly because I break things all the time (see below re: Laptop), and because I rarely actually buy something when I think of getting it (I file it in my mind for another shopping day and then I forget it when I am actually at a store).

My running wardrobe is pretty good, for a beginner already. When I started getting into the running thing, it was early summer in Houston. I was in for the hottest summer ever (no, seriously, our heat and drought shattered records for unpleasantness) and quickly found that my cheap capris and free cotton t-shirts from college were not going to cut it when standing outside, let alone trying to run. So I discovered Lululemon and Athleta. This was good (because their clothes are lovely) and also bad (because their clothes are EXPENSIVE!). I bought a few colors of the Run Swiftly shirt, and some Turbo run shorts. I LOVE these shorts, honestly I cannot say enough nice things about them. The zipper pocket is perfect, they do not ride up so my thighs don't chafe, they are adorable and slimming and comfortable and I honestly would wear them every day of my life if it weren't frowned-upon to control the International Space Station in athletic wear. I also have the Accelerate T-shirt from Athleta in a couple colors which also has a zipper pocket (I love pockets! Functional clothes rock!) and is UPF-50. This was supplemented with some Target/Champion sports bras and tops. Recently, now that its winter, I've added a pair of capri running tights (also with zipper pocket, yay!), a long sleeve under-armor knockoff, and a half zip pullover from Target.

Also I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 which has revolutionized my life. I am an engineering nerd and so I love numbers and details and stats. I think knowing the distance I've gone better enables me to push myself farther.

So what do I want?
  • More Lululemon. Doesn't everyone? Their stuff makes me feel sexy, which makes me workout harder to, y'know, stay sexy. It just has a really flattering cut and style and when I feel that I look good it tricks me into feeling good. Many things have been said about the trend of women's running clothes getting *too* pretty, so I will simply say that I wear what makes me feel good, and I'll continue to do so.

  • Brooks Pure Grit. I've done some sand runs, some park runs, and want to get more into trail running. I hate running on roads because a) pick up trucks (this is Texas) and b) boring. Also these shoes are really cute. I'm a little afraid to try minimalist footwear due to the Plantar Fasciitis though.

  • Ipod Nano. I have an MP3 player. Its 6 years old and the battery is shot. It takes hours to charge and then only plays for an hour. I sometimes run with Pandora on my cell phone but then a slow song comes on and screws everything up. So its time for a new music device. I've never owned an I-anything, but the Nanos seem like the perfect size with the right amount of features. I heard about how getting a new computer screws up your iTunes, and my last laptop met the floor in a traumatic way and doesn't really work. So I've been holding off on a new ipod until I had a new computer. I bought a new computer today, so Ipod is not far off!

  • Compression socks. Preferably purple. I love purple.

  • Disney marathon. This is more a training goal than a "want" but its also expensive and requires travel, so I think it counts. I went to college in Orlando and love Disney more than any 25 year old should, so if I'm gonna run a marathon, this is gonna be the one. I might even do it dressed as Team Sparkle Ariel. I have often stated that I don't even like to drive 26 miles... but do I love Mickey Mouse enough to run it for him? Maybe.
Whew. Is that all? What are your running wants? Anything on my list making it to your Christmas list this year?  I'm Jewish so I don't really get Christmas gifts (Hannukah gifts are traditionally smaller, actually Hannukah was never a gift giving holiday until Jewish people felt left out around Christmas and decided to join in), but I do like to take advantage of the sales to buy good stuff I need anyways.

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