Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kitchen Wants!

I have a pretty cool kitchen. I picked the house almost exclusively for the kitchen and, since I bought the house before it was built, I got to pick out alot of the tile, cabinets, counters, etc for it. While I chose the basic stuff for most of the house, I did upgrade some of the kitchen stuff. Its got very pretty purple flecked granite countertops, the darkest brown wood cabinets, a gas stove in the countertop, and lots of counter space. It also is open to the living room which means I can watch TV from the kitchen. I hate being in the house alone in the quiet, so I usually keep the TV on. Here's a shot of the only clean-esque part right now:

Also I have a decent collection of kitchen stuff, amassed since 11th grade when I went to a summer science program at the University of Florida and stayed in a dorm with a kitchen. The stuff I got that summer, plus several Ikea trips has me set up pretty well. Chief among my beloved kitchen items is: my purple KitchenAid stand mixer, plus bonus dough hook (matches the countertops) (thanks mom!), my green Ikea plates, and my wine rack (also from Ikea, thanks dad for hanging it up!). Check out that beautiful stand mixer!

But from reading food blogs, searching recipes, and, you know, having eyes, I have a huge kitchen want list. It is as follows:

  • Cutting boards. I have one cool pampered chef cutting board (again, thanks mom!), but other than that I have only two bendy Ikea plastic ones that are falling apart. I could use some new ones, maybe a bigger one for roasts and stuff, and maybe some fancy pants wood ones.

  • Immersion blender. I love making soups, but hate dragging out the full blender. Immersion blender saves you from dirtying a second container AND saves you all that "blend soup in sections then put in a bowl" nonsense (thereby dirtying a THIRD container- do I look like a dishwasher to you?). I don't even know which to choose!

  • Garlic press. Because... why the hell not?

  • Colander. I have a pasta strainer, but I need one of those little mesh things for draining small things.

  • More decoratively functional jars. I have one for keeping Kosher salt by the stove (you can see it above). Really helpful because its hard to get the right amount out of that little spout on the box and its impossible to dump it back in. I could use a giant one for flour because spooning and leveling from the bag usually gets more flour on me and the counter than in the measuring cup. Kosher salt, by the way, is the best kind of salt. And I'm not just saying that because I'm Jewish. It's true.

  • Dutch oven. Especially one of those pretty Le Cruset types. Oh crap, it even comes in purple.

  • Big apple slicer. Do they even make these? I bought the world's biggest Fugi apples from Sams. They were like grapefruits. They didn't fit in my slicer and eating them whole was not as fun as you might think.

  • Electronic kitchen scale. That actual scale is not doing it for me. Too subjective; a digital number cannot be fudged.

  • Muffin tin. I have one, but 12 muffins is not enough sometimes.

  • Bundt pan. Check out this weird, yet awesome, mutant Swedish pan!

  • Frosting tips. I frosted my last batch of cupcakes with a ziploc with a hole cut in the corner. It was ok, but a nice tip could have made them extra pretty. They were still delicious though.

See what I mean? And my birthday was in September so I guess I missed that opportunity to stock up. Then there's also my running wants list (coming soon, mostly involves things from lululemon that I should not buy) and my regular clothes wants list (I'll spare you the details but it involves, among many other things, a sweater dress, black sneakers, and replacements for my holey jeans). I will definitely be making a trip to Ikea soon. I just can't resist their cheap, bizzaro stuff! Is now a good time to tell you I fantasize about quitting my job to become a professional cupcake baker? Maybe one day...


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