Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekly Wrapup

Most of my coworkers have today off for Veterans Day, but I'm spending the first 8 hours of today in Mission Control. The best part is that at 8am today, I get to leave here and go snuggle with my boyfriend who will be still be sleeping. I love it when my last day on the night shift falls on a weekend or holiday so I can do that. Bonus that we're having a wonderful cold front here and snuggling is practically a requirement!

This was a busy week in Mission Control, with alot of ground commanding for me to do, and crew activities to follow along with. The best nights are the one's where there's plenty to do. After all, I didn't spend a year in training to sit here like a bump on a log... I want to do stuff! Plus it makes the time go by faster and keeps you awake.

It was an ok week for exercise, considering.

  • Friday and Saturday I was too tired to work out- sleep shifting sure did a number on me this time around. I didn't ever really get into a good sleep pattern; though I set an alarm for 5:30pm each night, I was up by 3 or 4.

  • Sunday- went for a 2 mile run with my boyfriend in the afternoon (for him, morning for me) before heading into work.

  • Monday- after work, so it kinda counts as the same day as Sunday for me, I went to a yoga class. This was both good and bad. After sitting in a chair all weekend, I was stiff and the stretch felt really good. But it also ran until 10:30 am and I'd been up since 4pm the day before and had a busy night... every time we did a forward fold I got a little dizzy. So I probably won't be doing alot more late-"night" yoga classes on my night shift weeks.

  • Tuesday- Rest Day.

  • Wednesday- another 2 miles with the bf before work. It was coldish out, so I got to try out my new half-zip long sleeved shirt and capri running tights from Target. Comfy and kept me warm enough to make this Florida girl sweat.

  • Thursday- Softball double header. And my last night at work.

This weekend's plan:

  • Friday I'll take it easy, napping in the morning and being lazy all day. I'm trying to switch back from nights to days so I'll be trying to live on little sleep and confused about what day it is.

  • Saturday- Smart coach "long" run plan is for 3 miles so my boyfriend and I will head to a park with a 3 mile loop in downtown. We like to make a day of it when we drive to the city so we'll follow it up with lunch and then an Ikea run. I have plenty of stuff to buy after my Kitchen Wants post.

  • Sunday- Rest day. Cleaning my house day. Shopping for Thanksgiving clothes day!

Goals for next week:

  • Follow the plan (supposed to run 8 miles this week-3, 2, 3).

  • Do some yoga.

  • Cook 4 times. When I'm on console I eat out alot, but now that I'm back to days I need more home-cooked healthy meals!

We'll see how I do!

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