Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Man, am I glad its the weekend! Its been a long week pf boring office work, and I'm fighting a bit of a cold that comes from sleep shifting (FYI: little to no sleep is not good for you!).

How did I do on exercise this week?
  • Saturday- Supposed to be a 3 mile run but I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy head (was afraid it might be strep because boyfriend's roommate had that last week, but it seems like a regular cold). Still I managed to bang out 2 miles, take a walk break, and then finish out the last 3/4 mile in decent pace.
  • Sunday- rest, but I did go clothes shopping which should totally count because I definitely broke a sweat wiggling into and out of all those pants!
  • Monday- 3 mile run. Ran the whole 3 miles (longest continuous run since my foot injury!) on the trail behind the space center. Boyfriend and I are attempting to leave work at 4:30 on run days so we can run on that trail before dark.
  • Tuesday- Awesome yoga class that stretched out my tight legs from all that running.
  • Wednesday -2 mile run.
  • Thursday- Softball game. And we lost. Finishing the season 1-7; that's some losing record!
Food-wise I didn't do as well. I still need to up my vegetable intake. I also ate out alot (4 days this week, oops!) and not very good choices either. Last night I had 2 happy hour type outings and I had a beer and food at each, so I busted on the "3 snacks and snacks include alcohol" rule.

The week to come: Thanksgiving! Boyfriend and I are headed to his parents house in Virginia, and my family is coming too. Bringing the two families together for the first time definitely has me a little nervous, especially for such a hectic holiday (his mom regularly has 20+ members of their large family attending her Thanksgivings). Yikes!

Exercise goal: Still sticking to the plan would require us to run 2 miles in Virginia while we're there for Thanksgiving. I'm worried about this because being Florida-raised and now living in Texas, I'm certainly a stranger to actual cold. My running wardrobe is definitely not cut out for a real winter run (it tends to short shorts and t shirts for the sweltering Houston summers) so I will probably fall back to yoga pants with my sole pair of knee length running tights underneath and my one long sleeve compression T.

Food goal: Make healthy choices early in the week, in prep for alot of food over the weekend. Then at Thanksgiving,  no stressing over food allowed. Fill one plate with whatever I want, don't go back for seconds, and don't worry about how much butter is in the mashed potatoes.

Tonight I'm going to make some spaghetti squash (recipe TBD) for dinner and tomorrow is a 3 mile run in the park. Have a good weekend!

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