Saturday, November 5, 2011

November already?

Seems like just a few days ago I was sweating through a brutal Houston summer (actually that was a few days ago- Wednesday's high was 83.) and now here we are in the same month as Thanksgiving.

Now that its a new month, lets talk about goals.
First, to recap, October goals were:

  • Exercise every day.

  • Eat 3 or less portion controlled snacks a day.

How did I do? The exercise goal was mostly a miss. I kept it up for about a week, and then I got a cold. Exercising with a cold (to be graphic, with snot running down your face) is totally un-fun. I still kept my running routine up, and went to a softball double header, but I skipped yoga and took some nights off. I had to rest up because two of my Freshman year roomies (and still good buddies) Meg and Debbie came to visit me the following weekend and we had a schedule full of fun to attend to!
As for the snacking (and remember I included alcohol and sugared sodas in my count to 3), I did better at that. It was really a matter of stocking up on stuff to have on hand, like apples, bananas, Luna bars, and Justin's Nut Butter single serve packs. The trick here is that I usually spend a few nights a week at my boyfriend's house across town. I would leave my house with double snacks packed, so I would also have for the next day after staying at his place. The only time I really strayed from the snack rule was, you guessed it, when Meg and Debbie came to visit... and that was mostly about the drinking. I even planned a healthy snack one of the days they were here (cucumbers, peppers, carrots, hummus... and wine!).

So goals for November:

  • Old exercise goal: I think 7 days a week is not sustainable. I don't want to set impossible goals, so I'm going to step it back to 5. This leaves room for: 2 running days, 1 softball day, 1 yoga day, and one to fill with whatever comes along. Because of foot woes, Softball plus 2 running days is really all the running I can do. Its getting better though!

  • Exercise goal #2: I have a Smart Coach plan drawn up targeting a 10k in February. I don't actually have a race around that time, but I'm on the look out for one. If you know of any in the area (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, southern Louisiana even?) let me know! These days I can suffer through a 2 mile run without stopping, but this plan has me building up to 4 miles by the end of the month.

  • Old food goal: I think the 3 snack rule is a good one, so I'm gonna keep that.

  • Food goal #2: This is a hard category for me. I've been staring at this post for 20 minutes now. Why? Because I really love eating. I love yummy things, fried things, things topped with cheese, things covered in delicious sauces. But what my diet lacks is vegetables. Vegetables are boring and so I often skimp on the greenery. So here's the goal: I will have a serving of vegetables with every dinner (potatoes don't count, neither does corn) and I will eat them FIRST. That way I can get fuller on the greens, rather than the carbs.

So there you have it. The goals for November. What part of the food pyramid circle are you missing out on most? Do you have any good recipes to add greenery to my diet?

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