Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post thanksgiving training update

One of my two goals from last week was to keep up with my training despite the big gaping hole in my schedule created by Thanksgiving. How did I do?

Friday- Off
Saturday- 3 mile run at a park in town. It was a pretty warm day, despite being mid-November and we finished sweaty.
Sunday- Another off day. I did a bunch of shopping and packing, and it was 84 out so I definitely got my sweat on, despite not actually exercising.
Monday- Boyfriend had to work late so I had to do my 2 mile run alone! I almost decided to postpone to Tuesday to run with him (but would have to skip yoga). At the last minute I decided to stop being lazy and go for a run. And it was a good one!  I ran hard and finished really strong.
Tuesday- Yoga! After all my hemming and hawing over it, I was pretty glad I decided to fit in Yoga and a run before heading off for thanksgiving.
Wednesday- Woke up early to catch our flight to Houston No exercise, except lugging suitcases around the airport.
Thursday- We had kinda planned to go running that morning but it was really cold. We spent the day cooking and socializing instead.
Friday- Did the 2 mile run. It was still pretty cold and, though my body warmed up, my throat and lungs were burning from the cold dry air. This Florida girl doesn't like cold or dry; I think I prefer to run in 100 degree summers than winters.
Saturday- Hung Christmas lights at boyfriend's parents house. This is still novel to me but already I'm annoyed by how often lights burn out and how many times that damn tree pricked my finger. How do people do this year after year?
Sunday- 3 mile run around the neighborhood. It was cold and super windy, and I almost quit early, but my beloved running buddy said "At least make it once around the neighborhood." After that I was warmed up and ready to finish. Usually I'm pushing him, but I need him to push me too!
Monday- Per the plan, another 3 mile run!

There's my week in exercise. We hit every run on the training plan, despite the weather obstacles (hot and cold), and are going at a pretty steady 12:30 or so pace. December goals will be starting tomorrow. Yikes, I can't believe the month went by so fast!

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