Sunday, June 10, 2012

Disneyland Half Week 3 Training

Monday: 6am wakeup call, 4 miles easy

Sweaty! Woke up to a really humid day and we felt it for all 4 miles. When I stopped mid-run at a traffic light, I became aware of the film of hot, sticky sweat all over. Much better to keep moving! Gross.

Thursday: 5:45 am wakeup call 6am wakeup call, 4 miles with 2 tempo (12:02 pace)

Did 3.6 miles with 2 at 11:38 pace. I didn't want to get up at all for this. I rolled over, pulled the sheet over my head, and told Dan I was going to skip it. He gave me one snooze and then made me get up... good running buddy! After that it was rush rush rush in order to get to work by 8. I had to mentor a sim, which means watching a mission controller in training troubleshoot failures on a simulated space station. It also means sitting still in a chair for about 5 hours straight. Not good for my poor legs post-run. I really missed my evening runs that day!

Saturday: 5:45 am wakeup call for work. 5 miles at 8pm.

Woke up early, but not for a run. Had to be in Mission Control by 7am for the day shift. When I got out of work at around 3:30 it was 90 degrees and super sunny. Not running weather so we waited. And waited. And waited. We ate an early dinner, hoping to give it time to settle before we went running.
And the run was terrible. Dinner had not settled so we were both nauseous. It was hot. Way hotter than at 6am. We cut it down to 4.25, instead of 5. I knew it was going to be terrible and contemplated skipping it... but we went anyways and even though it was slow and we walked a bunch, it's good we got out there. Right?

I think I'm starting to get a cold- headache, stuffy-ish face. Or maybe I'm just tired and need a day to sleep in. After work, I headed home to write some engagement gift Thank You cards, ordered in Chinese food, and had a relaxing lazy evening.

Meal of the week:
Portobello Bison burgers with Celery Apple Slaw
Bison burger, slaw, with parsnip fries and a side of ketchup!
On Wednesday morning I told Dan it was his turn to pick dinner. He, of course, suggested we grill burgers. I searched "gourmet burger recipe" and came to this list from Epicurious. So many of these look good, but the buffalo caught his eye so we picked that one. Then the grocery didn't have buffalo but did have bison. Are they actually different? They look the same to me...
Sunday Set-up:
Workouts- Step back week
Monday- 4 miles
Tuesday - cross train
Thursday- 3 miles (might add the extra mile from Saturday that we skipped- is this a good idea?)
 Saturday - 4 miles

Sunday: Chinese takeout. Sometimes you just gotta take it easy and order in. 
Monday: Chicken and veggie tostadas from Cooking Light
Tuesday: Veggie patch falafel pitas (had so many leftovers, I never needed these last week. They're still in my fridge and it's about time they get eaten!)
Wednesday: Blackened tofu from Daily Garnish (I never got to this last week either)
Thursday: Grocery store sushi night!
Friday: More gourmet burgers on the grill perhaps?

Need some meal planning advice? Try this recipe website my fiancé found today. Not safe for work. Also more amusing than actually useful. But you never know what you might find...


  1. The relationship between "bison" and "buffalo" is a little complicated because people insisted on giving things names before developing a formal system of taxonomic nomenclature (which is itself a bit of a mess, but is improving). As a result not all bison are buffalo and not all buffalo are bison.

    The American Buffalo, Bison bison, is the only creature in the bison/buffalo family that's referred to by the single name "Bison" ("Madonna", "Cher", ...). There's also the European bison, Bison bonasus. The water buffalo and dwarf buffalo are actually of genus Bubalus, and the African buffalo is of genus Syncerus (though its coconut-carrying capacity isn't well studied).

    Unrelated to all of that, "buffalo" is the only word in the English language (that I'm aware of) that you can use to construct a meaningful multi-word sentence without resorting to other words:

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.


  2. Hah thanks for that Mike. That totally clears things up. Or not.