Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye May, Hello June!

May Goals:
  • Order a wedding dress. Check.
  • Send those Save the Dates! Check.
  • Start training for the Disneyland Half. Even though its hot out! Check!
  • Strength train at least once a week. Oh fail. I think I did it once.
  • Plan my meals for the week every Sunday afternoon. 2/5 But with 2 weekends away and a week-long work trip, this was probably aiming a little too high.
June Goals:
  • Bridesmaids dresses- my sister/maid of honor is coming on June 22nd to pick hers out. Then I can send instructions to my other maids on what to get.
  • Find an officiant- at some point I'll do a post on why this is such a struggle. For now, I'll just say that I've been working on this basically since the week after we got engaged, without much luck.
  • Keep training for Disneyland half. Miss no more than 2 training plan runs this month. I could go for 100%, but I believe in setting reachable goals, not pipe dreams.
  • No drinking before morning runs. Also they are ALL morning runs. Two reasons: 1. drinking is dehydrating and I don't need any help being dehydrated in this weather. 2. too many empty calories taken in as wine and beer.
  • Cross train at least once a week- could be biking, walking, yoga, T-Rex, whatever...

If the temperatures weren't evidence enough, June means summer is really here. I am not looking forward to the next 3 sweltering months. But I can't wish them away any faster... there's plenty to get done!

A few words on yearly goals...
Planning the wedding has definitely taken precedence over some of the other goals for the year. Its amazing how much time it really does suck up. And how much mental energy to deal with all of this stuff. And I selected a mostly inclusive venue where many things are chosen for me. I can't even imagine what some people go through.

1. Half Marathon.
Working on it. Picked a half marathon. Booked a hotel. Working on training. Will need to buy plane tickets at some point....
2. Home cooking. 
Sort of working on it. I still cook, obviously. And I am trying new recipes. But I don't take as much time to post them or keep track of them.
3. Enjoy life
Well, I'm trying. Especially because the wedding planning process really IS something that I will never get to have again. (Because if I ever find myself getting married again I am 100% insisting on eloping!!) It's stressful, but as I told Dan the other day, it's really the first thing we are doing as a family. And that's pretty exciting. As for painting the guest bathroom honeydew melon... well I still haven't done that. But Dan did let me register for the purple towels!
4. Grow the blog
This also took a backseat. I have less time to participate in online chats and comment on other blogs as a way to interact with the community. But that's ok, I have my own little place on the internet and I'm happy with it.

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