Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

I have 5 wonderful bridesmaids, scattered all over the country. 5 bridesmaids in 4 states, none less than a 5 hour drive from each other... or from me. Logistical nightmare.

Tomorrow, my sister (the maid of honor, of course!) is coming to visit me in Houston to find a dress. Remember how it took me 4 dresses and 2 hours to find a wedding dress? Well my sister is the exact opposite of me when it comes to shopping (and several other things, but we'll focus on shopping for now). She likes to try things on, look at them from every angle, maybe try them on again later. For me it's either a yes or a no. Sometimes I don't event get whatever garment even half-way on before I decide I don't like it. To loose, too tight, too stretchy, too ugly. Too picky, that's what it is. My sister always has a closet of fabulous clothes that I covet, because she has the patience to try them all on and really think about whether she likes them. I always have "nothing to wear" because I give up too easily and often leave the store empty handed. So yeah, sometimes her method is a good thing. But we have less than 48 hours with her in Houston to pick a dress so she's gonna have to do it my way, aka QUICKLY.

This weekend we are going to...
  • David's Bridal on Friday afternoon
  • Alfred Angelo on Saturday morning
  • Nordstrom on Saturday afternoon
...if we have to. I hope she just finds a dress at Davids and we can skip the other appointments. I even bribed her with a tour of the space center. If we are done by Saturday at lunchtime, I'll take her to see Mission Control. If we have to drive across town to Nordstrom that afternoon, then there won't be any time.
See Heather, you could be here! Source
Whatever she chooses, then I'll give the rest of my lovely ladies their instructions... place, length, color, etc. Hopefully a couple more of the girls will visit this summer and we can shop for them as well, but I am keeping our search to big chains so that they will easily be able to shop at home if they have to. My plan is to have everyone in the same color but let them choose their own style- there are a couple colors (all in the deep purple family) that I like from browsing online, so it'll be up to what looks good in person and what color Heather's favorite style comes in.

Things I'm loving right now:
One strap dresses. I was actually hoping for a one strap wedding dress, but there weren't any. Now I have to live vicariously through a bridesmaid or two!

Tea length dresses. Unfortunately Davids Bridal has 2 tea length dresses and Alfred Angelo has one. All have two straps. Go figure.

Sexy mermaid or high slit dresses.Winter wedding generally means long dresses, but that doesn't mean you can't be sexy!

All pictures from Davids Bridal.

Excited to get the ball rolling on the bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses leads to groomsmen apparel which crosses two major things of my to-do list. And I love a shrinking to do list!

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