Sunday, June 24, 2012

Maid of Honor Dress Success!

Friday afternoon we headed to David's Bridal. Heather tried on tons of dresses. See?
In general I want every girl to choose the dress they want, but have them all be the same color. However, as we were looking, my sister liked a short dress a lot but my mom didn't think you could have the Maid of Honor in a short dress and other girls in long. What do you think about that? Is it still the ettiquette or are things more "everything goes" these days? Anyways, I didn't want to restrict everyone to short because a) I like the look of long dresses and b) it's going to be cold, so I told Heather she had to have a long dress.  She tried on plenty....

 And she really liked this sort-of pickup dress with a cute little flower applique. However I didn't like the color she tried on (David's Bridal Lapis) because it looked navy blue in some lighting, not purple.  The sales girls told us it came in Plum, the color of the dress she's holding.

Well, when I went home, I looked it up online. It turns out that dress is a special one that is only available in 5 colors and Plum isn't one of them. Sigh. I felt stupid for a little bit, because I didn't want to care that the dress wasn't the right purple. But I did care. I didn't like that color as much as the other color. That couldn't be the dress.

Saturday, bright and early, we headed to Alfred Angelo. I have to say that the dresses were much cuter at Alfred Angelo, and the salespeople were more helpful (and I'm not just bitter about the color mix up, but they were generally unhelpful as we were running around pulling different sizes/styles and trying to zip them up).

Again she tried on a TON of dresses...

I love these two. She didn't pick them, but I hope one of my other girls will!

 Finally, she found one that she loved even more than the one she liked at Davids. Also has pickups, plus a lace-up back!

I was originally wary of Alfred Angelo, because I didn't like their colors on the website, but it turned out that the colors looked totally different in person. The purple that I thought I'd love at Davids (Lapis) was too dark, and the color that I thought I hated at Alfred Angelo (Grape) I loved. The way it looks in this picture, it's definitely my favorite color!
And we finished in plenty of time for a long MCC tour!

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