Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My first Blog game!

So Tara over at Texas Runner Girl picked me for the One Lovely Blog award.  I am super excited because a) this is my first blog award thinger and b) I love these games! So....

Rules are...
1. Post the award logo and picture on your blog and link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Tell seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate up to 15 additional bloggers who you think deserve the award.
4. Post a comment on the blog of each nominee to tell them him/her they have been nominated.

Coming up with seven things about me is actually kinda hard, since I have a blog and regularly tell people things about me when they come to mind. But I'm gonna dig real deep and give it a try:
  1.  When I have to make big decisions in life, I just go with something and hope for the best. Usually it turns out ok, too: I applied to one college (it seemed like a sure thing, and it was, because I got in), when I graduated I went on one job interview (my current job, which I got), and when I bought a house I looked for ONE day, then went back the very next day to buy one of the houses I saw the day before. And there's that whole thing about trying on only 4 wedding dresses.
    There's my house under construction. When I bought it, it was just an empty lot.
  2. When I was a kid I told people that if I couldn't be an astronaut, I'd be an archaeologist instead. I had dinosaur sheets and rocket posters, simultaneously.
  3. I should have studied creative writing in college and become an author (instead of living vicariously through this here blog). I am just so in love with the idea of manned spaceflight that I couldn't really imagine that there was another option than to become an engineer and work for NASA. Now that I do, I still love it, but I also daydream that one day I'll be a writer instead.
  4. I do not own a hairdryer. Not some kind of crazy feminist statement, I just hate the thought of blasting my head with hot air and then walking outside into 95 degree weather. Maybe if I ever get to move somewhere that's cold for most of the year, I'll get one.
  5. I've been resisting the e-Reader craze for years now. I love the feel and smell and sound of a real book. But I am starting to come around... it would be really convenient not to keep buying books because I have run out of places to store them. Also, taking several books on a trip without having to lug around several actual books is a pretty attractive proposition.
    Here are some of the many piles of books around my house waiting to be read:
  6. I have a total black thumb. It's not a mystery, I just forget to water things. And then they die. Go figure. Here are my next victims, still clinging to life:
    The one on the left is already turning brown!
    Yes, while I was out there taking the picture I watered them. I'm not cruel. Not intentionally anyways.
  7. My favorite movie is and always will be 10 Things I Hate About You. It's awesome for many reasons, but one of the best is that the dad in the movie is an OB/GYN and so is my dad. But unlike that crazy dad who says things like "Kissing isn't what keeps me up to my elbows in placenta!" my dad has always been open and honest about sex. He always got a good kick out of the dad in that movie too.
Well, ok that's 7 things about me.  What are some things about you? Green thumb or black? Favorite movie? And how do you feel about e-Readers?

Since Rachael and Tara already did it, I guess that leaves...
Michelle at The Running Jewess
Jessica at What Would Jessica Eat?

Get to it ladies!


  1. i love 10 things i hate about you. love it.

    as for e-readers, i am a total book snob. i love having real books, i love reading real books, i love actually turning pages. that being said, i resisted e-readers right up until one of my best friends bought me one for my birthday last year and now i'm obsessed with it too.

    1. My fiance has a Kindle, but he still loves real books. He's addicted to both.
      Saturday night we wandered into Barnes and Noble to kill time before our movie, and spent so long in there we were late to the movie and got crappy seats. Whoops!

  2. I have a Kindle and love it very much but I still buy regular books too. The Kindle is great for when you HAVE to read something RIGHT.NOW. It's probably too easy to buy books on the darn thing. I'm not the best with plants either, I can only keep African violets alive and I've heard they are picky... guess I ignore them the proper amount.

  3. 10 Things! Squee! Best reinterpretation of Shakespeare I've ever seen, and it was my introduction to Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, and Allison Janney, all of whom I adore.

    You should write! One of the great things about writing is that you don't need an MFA to write well* and most writers don't care about academic credentials. Write about what you're passionate about. You're in a position to write with a verisimilitude that even Clarke never could.

    *I don't have an MFA or write well, but I don't let that stop me! Other stuff sometimes does, though...