Monday, June 11, 2012

Having Faith on APW

So through the wedding planning process I've found a few additional blogs to add to my Reader. Most are superficial, about flowers and dresses and what celebrity X's engagement ring looks like. Those are useful though, because I am adrift in a world that (hopefully) I will only be in once and can never hope to master in this brief trip... wedding planning world. Where budgets are in the thousands, and people without a speck of propriety or fashion sense are expected to care about shoes and hairdos and invitation wording. Once the wedding is over, I will probably never read these blogs again (or at least not until I end up in someone else's wedding and I need those ideas all over again).

But I have also found at least one amazing wedding blog that I am sure I will continue to read for the rest of forever. A Practical Wedding is basically the opposite of all those other blogs. Sure they have (awesome) how-to's and (amazing) vendor ideas, but they also tackle the important questions. One of my favorite topics that they discuss often is on Feminism and marriage. Can you be a feminist and still get married? Can you wear a white dress and take your husband's name and still be a feminist? (answer: Yes.)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we have been struggling with finding an officiant, but I begged off posting the details because I had just submitted a guest post to APW on the same topic and wanted to see what would happen there...

I am very excited to say that they posted it! Check it out here!

It's a difficult topic, with no easy answers. I'm so glad to have sent it off into the universe and gotten so much support back from the community there. So seriously, check them out!


  1. Stephanie, that was a beautiful post. I hope it helps!!

    1. Thanks Tara. It has helped already. Sometimes all you really need is to hear that you're not alone, you know?