Thursday, May 30, 2013

Name Change Adventures, #3

Previously, I got a new Social Security card and a new Drivers License.

Next on my list was tackling my wallet. I was concerned while my license said one name and my credit cards said another that this was the time someone would try to ID me (which they never do, but you know Murphy's Law) and I'd get rejected. I carried a copy of my marriage license around in my purse for awhile, just in case!

My primary bank:
I worked the day shift on console a couple weeks ago, so I got out by 4pm... just in time to swing by the bank before they closed. I brought my ID and the marriage license (and other things they didn't end up needing). Ended up hitting a snag where the bank still had me in the system as a minor (from when I opened a savings account there at 13) so they had to call over a manager to fix that. The name change was easy enough, and that changed it on my debit card and home mortgage too!
I still have checks in my old name (plus an address I haven't lived at for 4 years... I don't write a lot of checks and am still using the free ones I got when I opened my account 5 years ago) but I'm holding off buying new ones until Dan and I have a joint account.

My usual credit card:
American Express has the best system! They have a place in the online account manager where you can scan and upload the relevant documents. They overnight your card too, so I had my new one almost right away!

Other places:
A couple of the other credit card/savings banks where I have accounts were fine with me just calling and telling them I changed my name. I like that it was easy... but I'd also like having to show a little proof now and then!
Along the way I transferred some custodial accounts (me and a parent were on the account together because I was a minor when it was opened) to my name. Usually this involved opening a separate account in my new name and having the $ transferred. I really should have done this 8 years ago when I turned 18 (holy crap I'm old!) but it was a lot of effort so I'm not surprised I tried to not rock the boat as long as possible.

Overall this was a pretty easy part of the name change process, but tedious to call/visit every place you do business and have them make the changes. Stats:
What: Change my name at banks/credit card companies 
Time spent: 90 minutes (waiting on hold/in line at various places; usually spent no more than 5 minutes talking to a human except for the bank)
Cost: Nothin'
Difficulty: Pretty easy, sometimes too easy.

Up next.... I change my name at work. I doubt this is very universal (every company has their own issues I'm sure, and I have the unique position of having two "masters," NASA and my contractor company)  but it is a pretty amusing story, and I figured we could laugh at my pain together.

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