Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Home-making Weekend

Hope you had a good weekend!

Houston was hit with another bout of fabulous weather, so I took advantage of it to get a run in on
Saturday morning. Every time I run after work or after sleeping in a normal amount on the weekend, I count my blessings, for good weather days are certainly numbered. Summer is coming. (Please read that in an ominous tone like you'd hear in a horror movie preview.)

Friday night Dan and I broke out a cool wedding gift we got (a cast iron garlic roaster- thanks Emma!) and grilled up some garlic alongside our steak.
 We bought some good crusty bread from the grocery, toasted it in the oven, and spread butter and the roasted garlic over it to make some absolutely fabulous garlic bread!
 Saturday we headed back out to Dan's house (the cottage by the lake) to continue getting it ready to sell. We planted some Japanese boxwood shrubs and zinnias in front. Dan had planted wildflowers there last summer, but the majority never flowered and non-flowering wildflowers are basically just weeds.
 Dan also threw out a lot of stuff!
 And packed a lot of stuff to bring home. Including some additions to the camping closet and more books. A big Ikea bookshelf is next on my list of furniture to get.
 Sunday was basically a domestic day. I did a big grocery shop for the week, including ingredients for 3 dinners. I also bought the ingredients for these Morning Glory muffins.
 I've been finding that I get hungry around 3pm, and make bad choices (either bad snack choices or choosing to skip a workout or pigging out when I get home). I made a batch of these muffins and am going to take one every day for an afternoon pick me up. Hopefully enough to get me through a workout and the commute without wanted to eat my own arm!

And as we've been doing for a few weeks, I made another egg casserole. This time I threw in some arugula, and swapped out 3 eggs for egg beaters. I have had borderline high cholesterol most of my life so I'm trying to keep from eating too much of it.

While I blogged, Dan was out grilling some shrimps for this recipe. Happy Monday!

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