Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and that you took a moment to think about those who sacrificed their lives defending our country. Around this time I usually think about World War II and the liberation of concentration camps.
Source- Also a good history lesson on that page.
 Though it wasn't my family (my Polish great-grandparents were, luckily, already Americans by the time Hitler came to power), it could have been. Judaism is all about the community, the members of the tribe... what is done to one of us, was done to all of us. And I'm grateful for those who risked or gave their lives to defeat a madman bent on world domination, rescuing my people in the process, and who continue to give me a safe place to call home.

Friday I took the day off from work and spent my day cleaning the house, writing some wedding Thank You notes, and cooking some things the hard way. Dan roasted another beer butt chicken last weekend, so I saved the bones to make chicken stock.
The stock was divided into 3 cup portions and frozen, so I can pull a bag out every time a recipe calls for chicken stock. The boiled chicken will become chicken salad in the near future, too!
I also tried to make challah, but that was a flop. I don't know if the water was too hot when I activated the yeast or if the yeast was too old, but it did not rise at all. Sad.

Saturday and Sunday I spent my days in ISS Mission Control. (Yes, even on a holiday weekend, someone has to watch the baby!). Luckily my awesome husband Dan was at home tacking his very first "Honey Do" list, including the laundry, and smoking us a brisket for Saturday's dinner. Sunday we went to a local Tex-Mex place. I got fajitas, and this delicious mango margarita! We enjoyed the breeze on the patio- we're lucky it was cool enough to sit outside in May!
Me and my hot date!
Monday we headed off early for an Ikea run. We picked up an Expedit bookshelf. The Expedit line is all modular storage- interchangeable and you can even get drawers, cabinet doors, or one of many bins to fit in the cubbies. We didn't do anything fancy (although Dan has his heart set on the attachable desk, which we don't really have room for now), but we did buy some cloth bins and magazine boxes.
Ikea haul!
Dan's "pet" zombie on top, stealing some engineering textbooks!
New bookshelf, and old smaller bookshelf. Many books!
After building, we celebrated with some beer in our beloved Mr. and Mrs. koozies (a wedding present from people who know us a bit too wel!)

Then I made a breakfast casserole for the week. Inside is leeks, spinach and a can of corn, along with eggs and cheese, based on this recipe. While I blog, we're relaxing on the couch, before grilling up some chicken for dinner.(Update: This was DELICIOUS! Highly recommend it!)

Today (Tuesday), a new crew is launching and docking with the ISS (thanks to the new 4-orbit rendezvous capability they can launch and dock on the same day- they only have to spend about 6 hours cooped up together in the Soyuz capsule, rather than the previous 2 days!) and I'm working the evening shift which is the actual docking shift. Read here for more info on the launch and new crew. Look for me on NASA TV! (Launch coverage is at 3:30pm Eastern, docking coverage begins at 9:30pm Eastern)

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