Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Disneyland Half Week 9 Training

Tuesday: 6am wakeup, 4 miles
Thursday: 6am wakeup, 4 miles tempo
Sunday: 5am wakeup, 8 miles long run

Nothing too remarkable about our runs this week. We did them. It was hot and sweaty, but overall I think those 4 mile runs are becoming normal. Not easy, but not too difficult either. We were still out of breath at the end of the tempo run, but I think I see improvement.

After the run on Sunday, we stopped for bagels on the way home. We got home and changed into non sweaty clothes. And this is how I fed my fiancé to the ants...
A trail of evil red ants had worked their way in and were creeping along the wall in my bedroom. Dan had put his shirt on the floor in their path and when he put it on, he got bites all over! Poor guy :-( So I spent our nap time spraying the whole outside of the house with Ortho Home Defense. I had used it in the past- you spray it around the base of your house outside and it's supposed to stop them from getting in. It did a pretty good job, but it only lasts for a year. Whoops. And this is my way of telling you that I didn't take a picture of our magnificent lox and bagel sandwiches, because I was too busy freaking out of my ant infestation. Living in the swamp is the opposite of fun.

Finally, the ant crisis was over so we ate breakfast and then headed off to the bridal showcase. It was really overwhelming. People swarming all over who knew what to do, and me and Dan were feeling kinda lost and overwhelmed. The majority of people were venues, which we already had, but there were some other vendors too. I grabbed flyers for some florists, bus rentals, and hair people, so maybe some good will come out of it.

Sunday Set-up
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: Speedwork 2x1600s with 800 rest
Saturday: 9 miles

Tuesday: Takeout, maybe Pizza
Wednesday: Happy hour with some peeps, so probably eat there.
Thursday: Risotto
Friday: Greek casserole- plenty of leftovers for console over the weekend.

Today is very exciting for me. I'm in my first sim in a very long time, getting ready to get a higher level of certification. Plus, I love to sim!

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  1. No more shirts on the floor. Kidding. I do it all the time. Ant bites suck, I got a bunch during the flooding, those turds float.

    Good luck today on your sim! And!! way to go getting all your runs done. Race day will be here soon.