Sunday, July 29, 2012

Disneyland Half Week 10 Training

Wednesday: 5:45am wakeup call, 4 mile run
Not such a pretty run. Dan had ankle pain around 2 miles, so we stopped to walk. Then I had tummy troubles around mile 3 and decided to swing by the house before continuing. Then a bug flew into Dan's eye when we were getting near the house, so we walked more and quit when we got home. 3.25 miles. Meh.

Thursday: 6am wakeup call, 4 mile Speedwork
Skipped it. When the alarm goes off early, I can usually convince myself to get out of bed by telling myself that going back to bed for another hour won't really help. ( I've found it to generally be true that you feel no better after snoozing a little longer compared to getting up) But, this day I was super tired and thought the extra sleep would help so I cancelled the run and went back to bed. And an hour later woke up feeling 10 times better. Sometimes, you do need the break.

Saturday: 5am wakeup call, 9 mile long run
Whew. 9 miles is long. We did 4 miles run, 0.5 walk, 2.5 run, 0.5 walk, 1.5 run and were sweaty, wobbly legged messes at the end. At our first walk break we stopped for bathroom and snacks.

Snack report: On our weekday runs we generally don't eat anything before we go out. It isn't really that hard to run 4 miles on an empty stomach. However, anything longer than that and I definitely feel hungry and slower without food. For our long runs we eat a whole grain Eggo with some kind of nut butter about 30 minutes before the run. Then at our first walk break we have a snack. So far we've tried Shot blocks, sport beans, and today I had a chocolate Gu. Dan thinks the Gu sounds gross and wouldn't taste it, but it really was just like eating delicious, delicious frosting. Also I felt a little crampy with the sport beans the first time around (probably not enough water) but no ill effects from the other two.

Sunday Set-up
Last week was an absolutely terrible week for discipline and diet. Due to various happy hours and going away parties, I ended up having bar snacks and beer for dinner on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,  then unhealthy BBQ for dinner Friday night. I didn't cook any of those nights, so I didn't have leftovers for lunch. So basically an entire week of eating out for lunch and dinner. No wonder I was too drowsy to skip Thursday's run!
Therefore this week's mealplan is the reusing some of last week's unused mealplan:
Monday: Roasted beet pizza
Tuesday: Some kind of Peas and Crayons Quiche
Wednesday: Risotto
... and that's where it falls off. I'm working until 8:30 on Thursday and my bff Ali is coming to visit for the weekend so it's back to eating out.

Tuesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 4 miles Speedwork
Sunday: 10 miles (eep! the most important run of our half marathon training... survive this and we can survive our race!)

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  1. It sounds like your training is coming along nicely. Sometimes you do need an unscheduled rest day, don't worry about it too much. Are you maxing out at 10 miles for your training or are you going up to 12? I've seens plans for both.