Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three Things Wednesday (x3)

Because I have some things to say, but it is not alliterative.

I feel like I barely have time to write my weekly training log posts, let alone post any other content these days. I have a few space station posts brewing, but I haven't had a chance to give them the attention they deserve so I haven't posted any of those. And I have a few wedding-ish musings, but I haven't finished those either.
Fun fact, I wrote the outline of my week 8 training post before I left for Chicago and finished it up on the Blogger app on my cell phone. Technology is the coolest.
Since I still don't have time for a real post, here's some random things.

Three things that are awesome:
  1. Surprise Reunions
    We went to Chicago to see my fiancé's family, but squeezed in a surprise reunion with Meg!
    You may remember we went to visit her in April and run a race in Champaign, IL where she goes to grad school. I didn't tell her we were coming because she lives 3 hours away and we were going to be hanging with his relatives; I didn't think she should make the trip for me since I wouldn't have much time to see her. Well, as luck would have it, she was planning to be in Chicago that weekend to visit some friends anyways, so we managed to meet up Sunday morning. She suggested brunch, but we were going to church with Dan's parents so she came with us. Then we went for a little jaunt in the Lincoln Park/Oldtown area and grabbed some lunch before she had to head off to her next adventure and we had to head to the airport.
  2. This popcorn:
    This is Salt and Pepper flavor Orville Redenbacher's Natural. It comes in a single serving small-ish bag. I was eating them on console and it was the perfect size for the perfect snack!
  3. Cookies.
    I know I posted about these Blueberry, Lemon and White Chocolate chip cookies already but you really REALLY should make them. Perfect combo of sweet and fruity and crumbly and yummy and summery. Yes, they're that good.
Three things that are NOT awesome:
  1. Delayed flights
    Friday our flight was supposed to leave at 4:20, so we left work around noon, grabbed some lunch, and headed to the airport. There was no traffic and we got there early. After wandering the airport for snack options (grabbed turkey sandwiches on bagels from Einsteins) we settled in for some drinks at the Mexican restaurant near our gate. Below, some pics with the giant former president (It's George H. W. Bush Intercontinental Airport after all)... I grabbed his butt!

    We got an email that our flight was delayed until 4:45. Then 5. Then 5:30. We finally pushed back around 6:15. And waited, and waited. Turns out there was bad weather in Chicago and we were on a ground hold. Eventually it cleared and off we went, around 7pm. We landed at 10. And waited. See, because of the bad weather, there was also no open gates in Chicago, so we sat on the runway again for an hour until something opened up. On the way back we were delayed an hour, though I'm not sure why. Certainly not our lucky weekend, but at least we were flying direct so didn't have to worry about missed connections!
  2. Weird shin pain
    Sunday morning I woke up with weird shin pain all up the front of both shins. We didn't run, so I'm blaming these shoes. They are oh-so-cute but not really good for standing around for 8 hours at a garden party!
    I didn't even feel it during the run, but I do feel it while walking. I spent the evening in my snazzy compression socks hoping it would help.
  3. Laundry
    The two worst parts of going on vacation: the empty fridge and the full laundry hamper. I remedied the fridge yesterday afternoon, but the hamper is still overflowing! Sigh.
 Three things I'm doing this weekend:
  1. An 8 mile run... this'll be another new distance record. Eek!
  2. A pile of laundry (see the second #3 above)
  3. Going to a wedding show downtown.  I need hairdresser, florist, transportation, and an officiant (still)... maybe we'll find some good ones there!

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