Sunday, July 15, 2012

Disneyland Half Week 8 Training

Tuesday: 6:15 am wakeup, 3 mile run

Thursday: 6 am wakeup, 3.5 ish mile run
I decided to swap the 3 and 4 mile runs so that in the very likely event that we don't go on Saturday while on vacation, we would miss less miles. But it was not to be. First, my Garmin died less than a mile in. Whoops. Then it started raining. Oh well, we thought, it's refreshing. It started raining harder around 2.5 miles, so I figured we could quit after 3. But then it lightened up, so we kept going. Around 3.3, it started just POURING. (Of course all distances are estimates since the garmin was dead!) We sprinted back to my house, but were already soaking wet. All I could think was that we had to pack our running shoes tonight (you know, just in case we actually do go running this weekend) and they wouldn't be dry.
Luckily the linen closet is by the front door so I grabbed a few towels before we soaked the house. We stripped our soaking clothes off and left them in a heap by the front door.

When I got home from work I tossed the clothes and towels in the washer and the shoes in the dryer on low. Then they temporarily broke the dryer! It stopped spinning and wouldn't start again. Of course I panicked because I had clothes in the washer! But I pulled the shoes out, left it alone for a few minutes and when I went back to test it was working fine. No more shoes in the dryer!!

Saturday: 6 am wakeup call, 3.5 mile run
Did this happen? No. I was doubtful anyways, but when our nice early evening flight (supposed to land at 7:15) turned into a several hour ordeal (landed at 10, but didnt get off the plane until after 11), we decided to sleep in and enjoy our weekend. Oh well.

Meal of the week:
Can it be cookies? Because I basically nibbled so much cookie dough and muffin batter that I didn't really eat dinner on Thursday night. Yum!

The cookies were: Blueberry, Lemon, and white chocolate chip
The muffins were: Oat mini muffins with chocolate mini-chips and peanut butter chips that I coarsely chopped because they didn't have minis. I love mini-muffins and find they're much better for sharing.

Goodies for the birthday girl (Dan's aunt), the office, our hosts for the weekend (Dan's cousin and her hsuband), and Dan's parents (for their road trip). Yummy!

Sunday Setup:
Tuesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 4 miles tempo
Saturday: 8 miles

Coming back from vacation, I don't have a really good plan for when, but here's a couple recipes I'd like to make:
Grilled Chicken Sliders
Brown Rice Walnut Burgers (hoping this tastes like my favorite veggie burger, the Beaver Nut Burger)
Scallops and mashed beans

Shitake and pea risotto


  1. Replies
    1. The cookies were insane! And pretty easy to make too. The best compliment I think I got on them was a guy at work that said "cookies should only have 2 add ins or there's too much going on. But these have 3 and are still delicious. They defy physics." There you have it.

  2. The cookies and muffins sound so good! Next time try putting crumpled newspaper in your sneakers..they will dry much faster.

    1. I did put crumpled paper towels (no newspaper on hand) in them that morning, but they were still too damp to pack that afternoon. I suppose I should just buy some newspaper and keep it around for the next rainy day.