Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding Planning Update- 7 months to go!

Today, July 2nd, is exactly 7 months from our wedding. Eep!

So what did I do in Month 8? Not much.
  • I found my maid of honor (my sister) a dress. Doesn't she look beautiful!?
    Not it's actual color.
  • And we started planning my bachelorette party. Come October, we are taking Las Vegas by storm!
  • The last of the save the dates went out- after being so quick to get 80+ addressed and sent to our out-of-town guests, the last 20 or so for the local people just sat there for weeks... until I finally buckled on the "addressing by hand" thing and bought some printer labels. Way easier!
  • Update on the officiant saga: We met with the other deacon at Dan's church. He is a lot more accepting and helpful. He helped us find the right forms needed to get the dispensation to have both a church officiant (him) attend the wedding to say a blessing over the marriage AND for us to have it not at the church and it can still count.  Also we're working on pre-marital counseling with him and he's been really nice and helpful so far! Now we're working on finding another officiant (maybe a reform rabbi, but that is complicated too) to perform the ceremony. We're not out of the woods, but we are definitely headed in the right direction!

Wedding related nightmares?
  • Well there was the one where suddenly it was the wedding (and even in the dream I felt like it was earlier than planned and I should have more time) and I hadn't ever called the cake baker so there was no cake. This apparently upset a lot of dream-people who in real life probably don't give a damn about cake, including Dan, and I just kept saying "Do we really NEED cake?" and "What's the cake for anyways? It's not my birthday."
Major to-do-list items for July:
  • Find an officiant (still)
  • Look for a Florist, bus for the family from hotel to wedding and back, and hairdresser
  • Honeymoon planning!

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