Saturday, May 26, 2012

Disneyland Half Week 1

We ran a little last week, but officially started the SmartCoach plan this week. I upgraded my SmartCoach to the paid version (whoo big spender!) to give me more flexibility with the plan.
Until last week we were running Monday and Wednesday afternoons. But something happened over weekend...
It got freaking hot. Hello, summer. If you think that 84 and 90 are basically the same, you are wrong. Those 6 degrees are a massive difference between comfortably sweaty and wanting to die. So we have moved our runs to the mornings.

Tuesday- 6:20 am wakeup call. 3 mile run.
It was actually too hot for this. By the end of the second mile the sun was above the house roofs and we were running in the sun. Vowed to wake up earlier the next time.

Tuesday pm- Yoga DVD. My foot has been hurting (return of the plantar fasciitis- boo!) so I did a yoga DVD hoping to stretch out those muscles. However this was my first time doing Yogalosophy and it wasn't a calm stretchy yoga, it was a real workout. My buns were burning the next day!

Thursday- 5:45am wakeup call. 3.6 mile run with 2 tempo (12:08 pace)
1.23 mi warm up jog (forgot to start the Garmin when we started running.. oops!)
2 mi tempo (11:40 pace- I set the Garmin for 11:30 to 12:30 range for the run, and it seems we were going a little faster than our goal pace)
0.4 mi cool down walk
Was supposed to be 4 but Dan had to be into work at 7:30. We got up at 5:45 but were moving a little slow to get out the door. When I saw it was 6:45 we turned back the short way and headed for home, cutting it about a half mile short.

Saturday- 6am wakeup call. 4 mile "long" run. Since the plan is just getting started the long run is the same length as the midweek run, which is good because we are still easing our way into morning workouts.
After the run, we made pancakes, then headed to Home Depot. I had yard work to do, and so does Dan in his own yard so we decided to work together.. mine today, his tomorrow. One day maybe we'll only have one yard and then we could be done already!
 A couple hours of weed and feed-ing, weeding, mulching, and pruning. Then we took a dip in the neighborhood pool to cool off. "Good day!" I said. "I still haven't gotten my nap," said Dan, so I guess it's naptime now!

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