Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dress Shopping and a Party!

So I headed back home last Friday night for dress shopping. My dad has a friend who custom makes wedding dresses. She had actually offered to make mine for me, but we started by going to a store owned by a friend of hers to get an idea of what I liked.

First I had to do my homework. She told me to tear pages out of magazines, of styles I liked. She said that tearing stuff out of magazines is fun, and would keep me from freaking out. She must know me? Or maybe all brides are like that!
So I bought a couple magazines and tore the pages out. Here's a sample:
I actually tore this dress out twice, it's that awesome!
Seeing a pattern?

We headed to Florida late Friday, after work. Saturday Dan got to be lazy by the pool all day, while my mom, dad, sister, and I went dress shopping. I know it's a little unorthodox that my dad came. But it was his friend... and his money... and I don't really care besides. In fact, I would have brought Dan if he had wanted to come. But he didn't, because there was a pool calling his name. He'll see it before the ceremony anyways, because I plan to take pictures before the ceremony starts to take advantage of the daylight.
Not the dress I'll be wearing.

I tried on 4 dresses, and the one I picked was actually #2. It had a lot of elements I expected to like, but also some surprises. For instance, I really didn't want a sweetheart neck... until I put one on. The dress I picked ended up being on the way cheap end for that store, and my dad's friend said she couldn't even replicate the dress for that price. So we bought it.
I also explored veil options. I really liked the idea of a wrap-around blusher but when I put this one on it was too close to my face. See, that's me tugging it to keep it from strangling my nose. (Can you strangle a nose?)
Then I tried on this other one and liked it alot- its just one comb at the top of the bun which makes it easy to flip forward for the walk down the aisle and back for the rest of it. So I ordered it, but am getting it custom made in the fishnet material like the first one, instead of the teeny netting in the picture.
My dad's dress-lady friend and I are going to work on custom accessories- a flower for my hair (I liked the idea of a flower but not that particular flower) and  maybe a colored belt (my dress comes with a matching ivory one with a crazy flower on it- not really my thing) or some removable long sleeves since it might be cold out that weekend.
So that was a big thing off the to-do list. Then it was time to PARTY!
 My parents planned an engagement party for us Saturday. Since we planned to be out dress shopping all day, my mom invited the local wedding guest list to a dessert party to give us time to prepare.
My mom made just about everything from scratch, including baklava, 2 pecan pies, the brownie pops, s'mores brownies and dipping chocolate for the fondue in back. It was all delicious!
Who knew I'd find a wedding dress in 2 hours?! We even had time to go out to my favorite restaurant for lunch and then take a nap before the party!
Toasts from my dad and grandfather.
Delicious brownie pops. Mom is so cute!
My bff Ali. She's getting married 3 weeks before me.
Presents. Actually all the bags are empty, gifts are being shipped.
Good thing, because I didn't want to carry all that home in a suitcase.
It was an awesome party with friends and family. I talked to everyone, but feel like I never had a chance to talk to anyone. Of course, the wedding will be just like that but 10x worse. Still, it was great to see and celebrate with everyone. And, I got a wedding dress!

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