Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wedding Planning Update

So I know I started out being all negative about the wedding planning. That was a lot of driving, a lot of cramming appointments into a few precious weekends, a lot of stress and numbers and concerns.
I was still a little conflicted when we made the big decision to book the venue. I was thinking that we hadn't seen everything yet. What if we liked something better? What if we were missing out on the perfect venue, the perfect location, the perfect... something? There was the day, soon after we signed the contract, that we went exploring downtown and I realized there was a pretty cool area that maybe our visiting family would have liked better than an outlet mall. Then I fretted for days. But then I realized, it doesn't matter. The place we found is awesome, and it's going to be great. But more importantly... in less than 9 months, I am marrying this wonderful guy:

And I can't wait!

Save The Dates: The front says "I will love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever." With adorable space robots. The back has a picture of us and the website address.
I got them from We wanted ones that were space nerdy but here weren't any space themed ones in the wedding Save the Date section. Go figure, most grown adults don't have space-themed weddings. We briefly thought about using a space themed kids birthday invite or baby announcement. Then we found these. The only problem? I wanted post cards, not envelopes. For one, it's cheaper, but also I think the postcards are cute! I contacted Minted customer service who said "No problem!" and gave me instructions for how to put the special order in. Then I wanted the matching thank you cards but they weren't sold separately, only with the invitations which I wasn't ordering directly. Again I asked customer service, and she added a custom card to my cart with the details.  Despite two complicated special orders, the proofs came out looking exactly how I wanted. A week later, they were delivered. Awesome job by Minted.
Matching Thank You notes. Matching adorable space robots.
It was important for me to get the Save the Dates ready before I left for California. Last Saturday and Sunday we addressed and stamped nearly 100 of them. Dan went to the post office Monday to request hand cancelling so they wouldn't get all chewed up. And that's when we found out that apparently the USPS doesn't do hand cancel anymore. That kinda sucks. I hope the majority of those beauties made it there without too much distress.
But I can't worry too much about the state of my post cards, so I'm moving on. As with the venue I've decided that good enough is good enough. That's my new wedding planning mantra- Do the best I can and then give up at good enough. It's better for my blood pressure.
In related news, we celebrated our second dating anniversary last night. Exciting to think that in a year we'll be married and have a new anniversary! Dan wanted to watch the Capitals game (they lost) so we stayed in and grilled chicken wings and drank champagne:
Next weekend, we're heading home for dress shopping and an engagement party my parents are throwing. Dan gets to chill by the pool while the ladies go dress shopping, then gets to go to the party. Being a groom sounds awesome, where do I sign up?

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  1. Perri side of the family has received save the dates in excellent condition. They are all so siked about a 'space' wedding. Maybe rocket launches? Good job, Stephanie and Daniel.
    Mama P

    Say hi to everyone in Florida!