Friday, April 19, 2013

Wedding Stuff: Outfits

I blogged in bits and pieces about our stuff, but here's a few dedicated posts on where we got our things, in case you're looking for something similar.

My Dress:

Essence of Australia D1258 with lace up back
I like how the lace up back looks and I LOVED that I didn't have to worry about my weight fluctuating and making my dress not fit. I got my dress from a dress shop back in my hometown due to a recommendation from a friend of my dad's. Learn a lesson from me: do NOT put a plane ride between you and your dress. Scheduling my dress fittings while I was already home was an unnecessary stress, not least of all because the shop told us they would accommodate us on weekends (likely a lie to win our business, which worked) and then did not. Just forget it. Buy your dress where you live.

My shoes:
Poetic Licence Sweet Ending (they don't make these anymore, but I bought them on ebay). Super cute, but a little tall for every day wear. I loved having these funky shoes under my dress and a little flash of purple when I walked. But I was also really glad when I finally got to change into my comfy Brooks.

My jewelry:
Freshwater pearls/garnet necklace and earrings from the Texas Renaissance Festival. Fun story: I had my sister swap out the hooks for surgical steel because I am allergic to sterling posts. Unfortunately she did it with a spoon at the hotel (we forgot to bring pliers from home) and midway through the reception the earring fell off the hook. She repaired it with a fork, but it happened again a little later so I abandoned the earrings for the rest of the reception. 

Boys' suits:

Jos. A. Bank. We got a decent deal, and they even shipped them out to the different local stores for our 5 out of state groomsmen (in a total of 4 different states) for free. Plus, unlike the bridesmaid dress myth, they really can wear these again.

Boys' ties:

If it wasn't already obvious, I LOVED the green ties. All the ties came from BowsnTies. Dan's brother and SIL had a world of trouble trying to buy ties just before their wedding- they drove around to several stores trying to find matching ties but couldn't get more than 2 or 3 of any one style. Learning from their mistakes, I ordered ours from a website and well in advance. Highly recommended!

Girls' dresses: Alfred Angelo

 I wasn't that impressed with their customer service, the state of their sample dresses (most were torn and they had very few size options), their website, or their prices, but it was nice to have a national chain for everyone to order and alter at their own local store. I picked the color, but style and length was up to them. I actually kinda like the mix of long and short. (Although I worried it would be too cold and the two with their legs bare would freeze, and then it was a perfect 72 degrees.)

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