Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Recap 4/14

Saturday we went to the JSC Chili Cookoff. All you can eat chili and beer. Delicious! 
After a couple hours of grazing and chatting with friends, we headed to Ikea. We have really needed some dining room storage to put all our awesome wedding gifts in. My dining room table is white with a wood top so I wanted something similar for the cabinets. Unfortunately, white furniture is really hard to come by. We realized we really only had two choices- custom made or cheap stuff. We checked out the custom made option, but it was difficult to justify spending that much on a cabinet to match a table I bought from World Market. So we scoured the internet for cheap-y furniture, and figured Ikea was our best bet. 
We bought 2 of these tall bookshelves along with 2 sets of the glass/solid doors. Ikea furniture is hit and miss- some is really wobbly and some is pretty nice. These seem to fall on the sturdy side. But it did take the two of us about 3 hours to assemble the two of them.

They do look pretty great all stocked with stuff next to my Cost Plus table though, don't you think? And for less than a third of what a custom cabinet set would have cost.
I'm pretty much in love with my dining room. It's true.

After a morning of building and an afternoon of moving stuff around the house, we got started on eats for the week. For breakfast, I had been eating Eggo whole wheat waffle sandwich with nut butter for years. But on Passover waffles were a no-no so we were bringing eggs. Both Dan and I noticed that we were fuller and happier throughout the day with a sturdier breakfast, so last week we made an egg casserole. This week a similar one but with fresh tomatoes and some added spices in place of the sundried.
While I write, Dan is grilling some chicken for dinner. Hope you have a wonderful week! 

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