Friday, April 26, 2013

Name Change Adventures (#2)

(This morning I'm helping dock a Progress unmanned cargo vehicle in Mission Control. If you tune in to NASA TV, you may catch a glimpse of me at the Spartan console.)

Meanwhile, Name Change Adventures are continuing from Part 1.

Next up on my name change list was my drivers license, which is kind of the key to getting nearly all other name changes done since most require a photo ID. I left work early and went to Department of Public Safety (DPS- the Texas DMV)- they are open later on Tuesdays so I picked a Tuesday to slip out of work early.

I got there around 4:30 and there was barely anyone there. I checked in at the desk and the guy handed me a clip board with a form to fill out for a Replacement card. (I could NOT find this form online or I would have filled it out in advance...) By the time I filled out the form and refreshed Twitter, my number was called. I never even had a chance to open my Kindle! I took a new picture (not my best, although I guess a license picture never is, right?) and showed them my marriage license, plus my current Driver's License.

The lady was super friendly, congratulated me on getting married and chatted with me while she entered my info into the computer. Nothing like the nightmare DMV stereotype, but that could just be a Texas thing.

Unlike most states, you do not need to update your Social Security card first; here you can do them in parallel or any order. In fact, if I hadn't waited so long at the Social Security office, I had considered stopping at DPS on the same day. 10 minutes later I was out with my temp license (Texas gives you a paper license and your old license with the top snipped off, then mails you a new hard license).  

The stats:
What: Change my name on my Driver's License 
Time spent: ~15 minutes researching, 10 minutes at DPS
Cost: $11 (this is the replacement fee for a lost/stolen license too)
Difficulty: Really easy. Plus very friendly.

A week later I received my new license. Having a license in my new name is pretty exciting, but since all of my credit cards are in my old name I am still using/signing my old name on everything.

Next up? Changing my name at the bank and credit card companies.

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