Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding Planning Update -6 months to go!

Oy, got so very little done last month.

At the 7 month update there were these to-do items
  • Find an officiant (still)
  • Look for a Florist, bus for the family from hotel to wedding and back, and hairdresser
  • Honeymoon planning! 

What did I do?
  • Find an officiant, maybe: The venue actually has one that can be used, but we were trying to find our own from out own religions. Of course, at the end of the day we really need to be married so if the Deacon can't sign the marriage license and the Jews won't come, then we just need a person allowed by the state of Texas to perform our marriage. We're going to meet with him on August 18th and see if he is amenable to our interfaith, written from scratch, visit from a Deacon, mostly custom ceremony.
  • Find a hairdresser. She'll be coming to the hotel before the wedding to do our hairs, and going with us to the venue (we can arrive at 1pm) to finish things up in the bridal suite. I also found a couple good salons near the place who, while they don't do on-site stuff like we wanted, would be useful for other relatives looking for hair appointments (moms, grandma, etc.)
  • And that's about it. We went to the bridal show so I got plenty of flyers for different florists and buses, just need to start contacting them and comparing... I had briefly contemplated doing our own flowers- buying wholesale and assembling- but I'm thinking its probably not worth the stress. I can do some DIY that will not have to be done the day before the wedding, instead.
 What needs to be done this month?
  • Honeymoon! Transportation! Florist!
  • Invitations- they are included with our reception package, but we need to go set them up with the printer.
  • Officiant... finally. I wish I were done with this. My bff Meg says that a wedding is a success as long as you're married at the end, so it is the only real, actual problem that we don't have one locked down. Everything else is frosting, right?
Things start getting interesting now... it's time to start with all the specifics. Our place is very inclusive, which saved us plenty of shopping, but we still have to pick things. Like cake flavors. And appetizers. And linen colors. So in the next couple months is when we do all that.

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  1. hair - empire faces is reasonable for hair and makeup and they'll travel onsite. Plants and Petals in River Oaks has been a DREAM to work with for flowers!